Is it correct to say on this regard?

Is it correct to say on this regard?

“In this regard” means “in this respect”, and the production of reports is not a ‘respect’ – so I could not say: “I’ve got a lot of reports to do. I’d appreciate it if you could help me in this regard.” I would say: “I’ve got a lot of reports to do.

How do you use regard to phrase?

With regard to is a phrase that functions as a preposition in sentences. This phrase indicates that the writer is referring to the subject of the sentence, like in these examples: With regard to the bomb, I think we should only deploy it preemptively once we know the enemy intends to bomb us, as well.

What is it in regard to?

In Regard(s) To, With Regard(s) To In regard to and with regard to are phrases that mean “regarding,” “concerning,” “on the subject of.” As regards—note the s on the end—means the same thing. Perhaps this is why people mindlessly pluralize regard and say in regards to and its partner in crime, with regards to.

What is another way of saying in regards to?

What is another word for in regards to?

in respect of with regards to
with respect to in relation to
with regard to in regard to
as regards to concerning
about regarding

How do you use regarding email?

Re: in the subject line of an email means “reply” or “response”. Always. So in this context don’t use it when you mean “regarding”, but when you’re replying to an email. Most email applications will add Re: to the subject automatically for you when you click the Reply button.

Can you start a sentence with in regards to?

As regards, in regard to and with regard to are all standard compound prepositions. They are fine when used sparingly to introduce or re-introduce a topic at the start of a clause: With regard to your letter… In regard to the matter we debated this morning…

What is the difference between regard and regards?

So…the singular regard is correct in phrases like with regard to and in regard to, meaning with reference to, while the plural regards expresses respect, affection, or condolences. Stick to the singular version unless you’re sending best wishes to someone or introducing a topic.

How do you use accordance in a sentence?

: in a way that agrees with or follows (something, such as a rule or request) In accordance with your request, I am sending a copy of my book. His funeral will be private, in accordance with his wishes. The soldiers said they acted in accordance with his orders.

Which is or that is?

In a defining clause, use that. In non-defining clauses, use which. Remember, which is as disposable as a sandwich bag. If you can remove the clause without destroying the meaning of the sentence, the clause is nonessential and you can use which.

Is there an alternative to ” with regard to ” and ” with regards to “?

Alternatives to “with regard to” and “in regard to” Many people consider the phrases “with regard to” and “in regard to” as cumbersome business-speak. Here are some shorter alternatives: Use “About” We need to talk with regard toyour request. We need to talk aboutyour request. Use “Regarding”

When to pay with regard to or with regards to?

With regard to your request, we will consider the payment on Friday. Concerning your request, we will consider the payment on Friday. Here are three randomly selected questions from a larger exercise, which can be edited, printed to create an exercise worksheet, or sent via email to friends or students.

Is it correct to say’please find attached’?

Saying ‘please find attached’ may seem a bit old-fashioned, and the verb ‘find’ does not convey the exact meaning required. Although the term is correct grammatically, it is exceptionally formal for the contemporary era.

When to use ” please do not hesitate to contact me “?

Check out our article on the Spanish you. This phrase is typically seen in a professional setting, such as an email from a company to a consumer. You might use it when reaching out to someone about a project, a job interview, or a job offer, or simply to answer a question someone asked.

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