How do I check if I have a fine in South Africa?

How do I check if I have a fine in South Africa?

If you have enquiries about your fine and why it was issued, please contact the SAPOL Expiation Notice Branch on (08) 8463 4388 or via email.

How do I pay a fine in South Australia?

If you commit a traffic offence, you may be issued with an expiation notice and have to pay a fine. Expiations can be issued for a variety of reasons….If you receive an expiation notice you can pay it:

  1. online at SAPOL e-pay.
  2. at your local court.
  3. by phone on 1300 361 335.

How do I check my fine balance?

To check your balance, log into myEnforcement Order. To login, you’ll need to enter the reference number on your overdue notice and postcode. You’ll also need to enter at least one of the following as proof of identification: driver’s licence number.

Who is the Registrar of the fines enforcement registry?

The Fines Enforcement Registry, which is referred to in this paper as “the Registry”, is established by section 6 of the Act as part of the Magistrates Court. Section 7 provides that the Registrar is an officer of the Magistrates Court and the functions of the Registrar are taken to be functions of that Court.

How to contact the fines enforcement registry in WA?

The Fines Enforcement Registry can be contacted on 1300 650 235. Mobile and international callers can telephone 61 8 9235 0235, between 8.30 am to 4.30 pm, Monday to Friday (except public holidays), or email [email protected] Alternatively, queries can be made in person at your nearest Magistrates Court.

How to pay court fines in Western Australia?

Phone the Fines Enforcement Registry . A court fine is a financial penalty which a judge, magistrate or justice of the peace has ordered you to pay in a Western Australian Court. When you receive a court fine, it will be registered with the Fines Enforcement Registry the day after the fine or order was given to you.

How to contact fines enforcement and recovery unit?

As the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic continues, you may experience delays getting through to our teams on the phone. If you have been impacted by the pandemic and need support to manage your debts, please contact us. We are here to help by discussing the options available to you.

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