How close can you build a pergola to your house?

How close can you build a pergola to your house?

A pergola is a beautiful addition to any home and can be used for a variety of purposes, but a common question many homeowners ask is how close can you build a pergola to a fence? In general, you can build a pergola at least 5 meters from a fence or a building line and 9 meters in other areas.

Can you enclose a pergola?

If you have a pergola attached to the back of your house or on your deck, you can enclose it to provide shade and keep out insects. To do this, you need to add a shade cloth to the top of the pergola. You can then build removable screen panels to attach to each side of the pergola structure.

Can my Neighbour build a pergola?

You will need planning permission for your pergola if it’s on the front of your house. You will need planning permission for your pergola if it is in a conservation area, on the side of your house between the house and the boundary wall. Any sort of veranda, balcony or raised platform will need planning permission.

What is the best height for a pergola?

The minimum height of a pergola should be no lower than 7’6” to provide enough head room, though most projects call for a range of 8-10′ in height. A lower ceiling feels right-sized for intimate gatherings, while a larger roof is more in scale with a larger structure.

How close to the boundary can I build a pergola UK?

You can’t put a pergola forward of the front wall of the house, known as the principal elevation. It can be no higher than four metres, or three meters if you are putting it up within two metres of the boundary with your neighbour.

Are there any pergolas on the Planning Portal?

On the ‘Planning Portal’ of the government website, pergolas are not listed, per se – sheds, decks, conservatories and summerhouses are, but not pergolas.

Is there such thing as a pergola in Australia?

A pergola is something many Australian homes have in their backyards, and makes for a stunning garden feature. Whether you’re looking to update one or don’t quite know what is it, and how to build a good one, this comprehensive guide is all you need. This video file cannot be played. (Error Code: 102630) What is a pergola?

What’s the difference between a pergola and a patio?

Verandahs, patios and pergolas are outdoor shelters, designed to increase your living space without you having to worry about the weather. Your home is a reflection of yourself, make it as unique as you are.

Can a spanline be used for a pergola?

Spanline offers a range of custom designs, tailored to suit your property and your requirements. As our team doesn’t work from kits, we ensure that every project is custom designed to best suit your budget, your house and your lifestyle. The possibilities are endless, with a Spanline roofed patio, verandah or pergola!

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