Does metropcs have a 24 hour line?

Does metropcs have a 24 hour line?

Metro by T-Mobile has live agents, some who are even available to help 24 hours a day, seven days a week….Top 10 Questions.

Where to Reactivate Reactivation Fee Get Started
Phone No 1-888-8metro8 (1-888-863-8768) or *611 on your Metro by T-Mobile phone
Make a Payment Online No Express pay

How do I speak to a live person at metropcs?

By phone

  1. By phone. Call customer service. Call: 888-8-METRO-8. Call: *611 from your Metro® by T‑Mobile phone.
  2. Make a payment. Call: 888-8-METRO-8. Call: *99 from your Metro® by T‑Mobile phone.
  3. Get premium handset protection. Call: 1-800-316-2075. Or visit:

How can I pay my MetroPCS bill for free?


  1. Dial *99 to pay through our automated system.
  2. Dial 888-8metro8 for Customer Service.
  3. Use the MyMetro app for debit/credit card payments.

How can I pay my MetroPCS bill without a fee?

Pay as Guest Make one-time payments on our website without extra fees. It’s quick, easy and all you need is a debit or credit card.

What is the 611 number for Verizon?

Pound codes and star codes are numbers you can call from your Verizon mobile phone to help manage your Verizon wireless account….# Codes and * Codes.

Code to call: Use when you need to:
#UPG (#874) Check your upgrade information
#832 Place a test call
*611 Call Verizon Customer Service

What do you mean by service to customer?

Customer service is the support you offer your customers — both before and after they buy and use your products or services — that helps them have an easy and enjoyable experience with you. Customer support is more than just providing answers; it’s an important part of the promise your brand makes to its customers.

How to talk to a person on the phone?

But here are the numbers if you prefer to speak to a person on the phone. Amazon: Call 1-866-216-1072, describe your problem, and wait. Best Buy: Call 1-888-237-8289 or 1-888-BEST-BUY and keep pressing 0. Costco: Call 1-800-955-2292 and press 0 twice.

What to do if your phone bill has unknown charges?

Take the following actions if your telephone bill lists unknown or suspicious charges: Call the phone company responsible for your bill, explain your concerns about the charges, and ask to have incorrect charges removed.

Is it important to understand your telephone bill?

Monthly wireline or wireless phone bills can be confusing, which may be one reason the FCC receives tens of thousands of billing complaints each year. To avoid surprises, learn to read your bill, understand your rights and know what to do if you find a problem.

Can you give someone your private phone number?

When someone you just met but ask for your contact number, you can give it without worrying about any embarrassing calling any longer as you already have private phone numbers. With CoverMe’s private phone numbers, you can also have voice mail features to help you record important calls.

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