Do car contracts have cooling-off period?

Do car contracts have cooling-off period?

A one-day, waivable cooling off period applies to purchases of new and used cars when it’s financed by a linked credit arrangement. Linked credit is when finance is provided by or facilitated by the motor dealer selling the vehicle.

When buying a new car is there a cooling-off period?

THE COOLING-OFF PERIOD You have the right to cancel a contract to purchase a car from a motor car trader: within 3 clear days after you have signed the contract; unless you have accept delivery of the car within this time.

Can a used car dealer sell a car outside the cooling off period?

The used car dealer may not sell a car offered as a trade-in until the end of the cooling-off period. If a contract is cancelled outside the cooling-off period, the used car dealer is entitled to damages for breach of the contract.

Is there a cooling off period for vehicle contracts in Western Australia?

At the moment there is no ‘cooling-off’ period for vehicle contracts in Western Australia. If you are unsure about your rights under the contract you should contact our call centre on 1300 304 054. A contract to buy a vehicle privately does not have to be in writing to be enforceable. Need to cancel a contract to buy a vehicle?

Is there a cooling off period on a consignment car?

A consignment vehicle is sold on behalf of someone else. Usually a consignment sale involves a motor dealer selling a vehicle on behalf of its owner. Consignment vehicles don’t have a cooling-off period. The dealer must tell you that:

Can you cancel a contract during the cooling off period?

You can cancel the contract during the cooling-off period without large penalties. A licensed motor dealer cannot refuse to grant you a cooling-off period. There is no cooling-off period for new vehicles. After you sign the contract, the cooling-off period will end either:

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