8 Tips on How to Come Up with the Topic of the Article

The list of topics for which you can write is growing much faster than readymade essays. We share tips that will help everyone come up with what the following materials will be about. Choose the most appropriate ways for you and forget about the problem of selecting topics.

Find out what the blog is about

Editors often have to reject essays because of the choice of topics that copywriters send. There would be less bounce in the publication if the authors read the blog and found out what it was about before writing the material.

Find out what the audience wants

With the blog theme figured out, now find out what the audience prefers the most.

To start, scroll through a dozen pages and select the most shared and commented essays. Then find what is common with popular materials. If you read the essays, you will find that readers like the most:

  • selection of services, tools, essays and books;
  • reviews of topical news;
  • non-standard formats of content (game, tests);
  • provocative essays that run counter to popular opinion.

Steal as an artist

Why come up with an idea for an essay, if everything (or at least a lot) is invented before us. Read blogs and magazines related topics. If in some essay the topic is not fully disclosed, and you have something to add, write your material on this topic.

You can be inspired not only in competitive blogs but also on sites of completely different subjects. Essays in them can push on interesting thoughts. For example, the headline “Can you spend a billion rubles” in a financial journal inspired me to create a test “Can you spend one hundred million on advertising?”

Create a table of ideas

The table of ideas (the same as the content matrix) is a creative technique that allows you to quickly come up with many ideas for an essay (and not only). Here’s how it works. In the center of the table write a blog topic. In the same column below, write down narrower topics that include the main topic. The above are broader topics that include the main topic. On the sides – equivalent topics.

Now, based on your experience, extract ideas for essays from each cell. This will be much easier since you are narrowing down the area to search for possible topics.

Look for ideas everywhere

Get ideas not only from essays but from everything that you see and read, use news, books, films, signs.

Reading a selection of requests from Google, you can find, for example, the name “How to promote a cat on Instagram”. Taking this phrase as a basis, you can come up with an interesting essay. In it, you can tell how to promote a pet page in social networks and make money on it.

Just keep in mind that you will not be able to memorize all the ideas that you suddenly visit. Therefore, always write down the topics that come to mind. For this, both a paper notebook and any application are suitable – the main thing is to be convenient.

Write, do not reduce

To generate an interesting topic will help free writing. This writing technique is just right for finding creative ideas. Doing free writing means continuously writing on a given topic for a limited time.

Here are the main criteria:

Limit time to 10-20 minutes. Do not stop. Keep writing, even when only nonsense comes to mind.

And if it does not come, repeat the same a phrase, phrase, phrase, phrase or a letter. Do not try to give out brilliant thoughts. Relax and just put on paper what you think.

Search the forums

Open the forum of the desired topic. Find popular topics on it and see what the forum users discuss, what questions they ask, what excites them. This will help to understand what it will be interesting to read to your audience.

Ask Pro-Papers

Pro-Papers is the best paper writing service. It has such a wonderful service as Word Recording (the equivalent on Google is the Keyword Plan). It shows key phrases and their frequency.

For example, if you are going to write a tutorial essay about Instagram, then enter “Instagram promotion” and click “Fit”. The tool will issue the most popular refinements. They will allow to generate interesting topics and write an essay to which many people will move from the search.

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