Can an owner sue a subcontractor?

Can an owner sue a subcontractor?

There is a decision from the Supreme Court of NSW which found that owners corporations cannot sue subcontractors for breach of statutory warranties. We are able to provide assistance to owners corporations in identifying subcontractors and taking steps to protect owners corporations’ rights against subcontractors.

Can a contractor sue a subcontractor for negligence?

A general rule of contributory negligence is that a main contractor is not liable for the negligence of its independent subcontractor. There are some exceptions to this rule, including: The main contractor had actual knowledge that the sub-contractor’s work had been done in a foreseeably dangerous way and condoned it.

What is a general contractor liable for?

Contractor General Liability Insurance protects contractors financially from amounts they become obligated to pay due to damages or medical payments because of bodily injury, property damage or personal/advertising injury to third parties occurring during the policy period caused by or relating to the contractor’s work …

Can you fire an independent contractor for any reason?

Under California law, if an employee has not signed an employment contract for a specific duration, the law considers the employee to be employed at will. Employers can fire employees at will without any reason and at any time.

What happens if a sub contractor goes out of business?

You still have to guarantee your work, and that often includes the subs you brought in. The sub is out of business because they made the same mistake of cutting their price for other general contractors. Job costs times markup equals your sales price.

How can I get a subcontractor to work on my house?

Obtain referrals. Ask someone who has had work done on their home if they would recommend their subcontractors. Write down the sub’s name and number. Ask generally how much the sub charged. If you see a house being built in your neighborhood, stop in and talk to the general contractor.

What’s the markup on a subcontractor remodel?

Let’s say you have a kitchen remodel and your total costs are $40,000, of which $32,000 are direct quotes from your subs and the remaining $8,000 is in-house labor, materials and a few other expenses. Using a markup of 1.50, the sales price is $60.000. You decide to cut your markup on your subcontractor quotes to 1.20.

Do you have the same overhead as a sub?

Your sub has to cover his job costs the same as you do. They have the same overhead that you do. Their families have to eat the same as your family does. If you lean on them to lower their quote, you might regret it a year later when the owner calls to tell you about the problem they’re having with the work you and that sub did on their home.

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