When do the stay safe directions come into force in Victoria?

When do the stay safe directions come into force in Victoria?

The purpose of these directions is to address the serious public health risk posed to the State of Victoria by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). The Stay Safe Directions (Victoria) (No 18) come into force at 6:00pm on 26 March 2021 and replace the Stay Safe Directions (Victoria) (No 17).

When do area directions go into effect in Victoria?

Area Directions identify areas within Victoria which have a higher prevalence of, or risk of exposure to, coronavirus (COVID-19) and which are subject to specific directions which are reasonably necessary to protect public health. The Area Directions (No 9) are revoked with effect from 11:59pm on 8 November 2020.

When does a landlord need to enter a property in Victoria?

For example, in Victoria, a landlord may enter the premises as long as the tenant agrees to the time and was consulted within the last seven days. Occasionally you may need to enter your property on short notice. In Victoria, a landlord has the right to enter within 24 hours after having given written notice to the tenant in order to:

What are the guidelines for CCTV in Victoria?

5 Department of Justice, Guide to developing CCTV for public safety in Victoria: A community crime prevention initiative, Community Crime Prevention Unit, 2011, p. 23. 6 Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, Drones in Canada: Will the proliferation of domestic drone use in Canada raise new concerns for privacy?, 2013, p. 2.

How often do sheriff court rolls come out?

Sheriff Court rolls are available for five days in the future and are updated periodically.

Where are police investigating the stabbing in Victoria?

Police are currently in the vicinity of Elsternwick Park this morning as part of their investigation into the stabbing… Victoria Police is today launching a new online tool designed to source information from the community to help solve…

When does Dumfries Sheriff Court start in September?

Dumfries Sheriff Court and Justice of the Peace Court Thursday 05 September 2019 Friday 06 September 2019 Monday 09 September 2019 Tuesday 10 September 2019 Wednesday 11 September 2019

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