What is the penalty for making a false or misleading entry in a work diary?

What is the penalty for making a false or misleading entry in a work diary?

(1) A person must not record something in a work record that the person knows, or ought reasonably to know, is false or misleading. : Maximum penalty–$10000. Editorial note : See also section 737 (Increase of penalty amounts).

What could happen if you Cannot produce your work diary when required to do so by an Authorised officer?

The officer may copy or seize one or more of the pink duplicate daily sheets from your work diary if required. If you are working under BFM hours or AFM hours you must, upon request, show the authorised officer the accreditation certificate and signed document from your operator.

Do I have to carry a work diary?

Within NSW, heavy vehicle drivers must complete a work diary if travelling outside a 100km radius of their base. If you are a primary producer, or drive for a primary producer; you do not have to fill in a work diary when travelling within a 160km radius of your home base.

Do I need a work diary for Mr truck?

All drivers of fatigue regulated heavy vehicles who drive more than 100km from their base under standard hours or operate under basic fatigue management (BFM) or advanced fatigue management (AFM) must carry and complete a work diary to record their work and rest times.

What’s the fine for not having a log book?

If a driver is pulled over by police and their logbook isn’t in order, the minimum penalty is $150 and 10 demerit points; if they fail to produce a current logbook on demand, as 439 drivers did, it’s $500 and 35 demerit points.

What are the new & now current 3 categories of penalties and the penalty amounts established under the HVNL?

The HVNL contains three different types of penalties: infringeable offences. court imposed penalties.

How much is a heavy vehicle work diary?

The new national work diary costs $25 (including GST).

What are the three rules for counting time entered in a work diary?

Rules for counting time

  • time periods are always counted forward from the end of a rest break.
  • time periods of 24 hours or longer must be counted forward from the end of a ‘relevant major rest break. ‘

    Do local drivers need a logbook?

    Drivers do not have to keep a logbook, but their employer must keep accurate time records for 6 months that show: The time the driver reported for duty each day; The total number of hours the driver was on duty each day; The total time for the preceding 7 days.

    What size truck needs a work diary?

    As part of the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL), all drivers of a fatigue-regulated vehicle (with a gross vehicle mass of more than 12 tonnes) driving more than 100 km from their base depot must complete a work diary.

    Where can I buy a National driver work Diary?

    a bus of more than 4.5 tonnes, fitted to carry more than 12 adults including the driver. The work diary is evidence that drivers are complying with: managing fatigue. You can visit a service centre to buy a National Driver Work Diary. Under the Heavy Vehicle National Law:

    What do you need to know about driving a heavy vehicle?

    When you are driving a fatigue regulated heavy vehicle you must carry and complete your work diary for all work undertaken in an area greater than 100km from your base, not 200km as before.

    Who are the heavy vehicle drivers in NSW?

    Under the Heavy Vehicle National Law: drivers of fatigue-regulated heavy vehicles who drive more than 100 kms from their home base primary producers or drivers for primary producers who drive fatigue-regulated heavy vehicles more than 160 kms from their home base. drivers who operate under BFM or AFM.

    Can a work Diary be carried in lieu of a permit?

    If you have a work diary exemption notice or permit you must carry it in lieu of the work diary. What is a fatigue-regulated heavy vehicle? A fatigue-regulated heavy vehicle is a vehicle or combination with a gross vehicle mass (GVM) of more than 12 tonnes.

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