What can I do after BA in Travel and tourism?

What can I do after BA in Travel and tourism?

Job Opportunities after Travel and Tourism Courses

  1. Government of India, Tourism Department.
  2. Hotels.
  3. Airlines.
  4. Tour Operators.
  5. Transportation sector.
  6. Travel Agencies.

Which degree is best for tourism?

Bachelor of Arts in Leisure & Tourism Management.

  • Bachelor Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management.
  • Bachelor Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management.
  • Bachelor of International Tourism.
  • BA (Hons) in Hospitality, Tourism & Management.
  • Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Tourism and Events Management.
  • What is BA in International hospitality and Hotel Administration?

    What is a BA in International Hospitality Management? This course of study is designed to impart in-depth knowledge on the business essentials of running international hospitality establishments such as resorts, spas and restaurants.

    What is an international tourism degree?

    Our International Tourism Management degree covers the environmental, sociocultural and economic impacts of tourism in both developed and developing destinations, alongside contemporary issues in the highly globalised tourism industry.

    Which country is best for Tourism study?

    Six Best Spots for Tourism Studies

    1. Sweden. If IKEA, ABBA and Volvo are the extent of your knowledge of Sweden, it may be time to broaden your horizons.
    2. Switzerland.
    3. The United States.
    4. Thailand.
    5. France.
    6. The Netherlands.

    What is the highest paying job in Tourism?

    Here are some of the best-paid jobs in Hospitality & Tourism:

    • Food and Beverage Director – 67,600 USD/year.
    • Executive Chef – 60,000 USD/year.
    • Housekeeping Director – 56,700 USD/year.

    What is the highest paying job in tourism?

    Which country is best for tourism study?

    What is the percentage of 12th in hotel management?

    Percentage Required & Eligibility If you are planning to study Hotel Management courses after 12th in India, the minimum percentage required is 50% in any stream, be it Arts, Commerce or Science. Thus, you can choose any stream after 10th to study Hotel Management after 12th.

    Which is the bachelor degree in International Hospitality Management?

    The Bachelor in International Hospitality Management trains future experts for success in the hospitality, tourism and luxury sectors. The course… The MSc in International Hospitality Management, a 18-month full-time double degree program, was created to help meet the recruitment needs…

    What can I do with Masters in tourism and Hospitality Management?

    The students who graduate with a Master’s in Tourism and Hospitality Management from GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona benefit from the large variety of internship opportunities in the tourism and hospitality industry in the city. Recently, we have placed students with the Renaissance, Hosco and eDreams, to name a few.

    What can you do with Bachelor of Business in hotel management?

    Career outcomes. The Bachelor of Business in Hotel Management teaches transferable business skills with a focus on the hospitality and tourism sector, you’ll be able to seek out employment in Australia and overseas.

    What can I do with an education in the hotel industry?

    You will receive more than an education in the hotel industry, you will receive the foundation required to build a dynamic global career. Marketing and communications, human resources, finance and entrepreneurship are examples of some of our core subjects.

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