Where do expats live in Jakarta, Indonesia?

Where do expats live in Jakarta, Indonesia?

Expats in Jakarta, Indonesia live in the capital city of Indonesia, a nation comprised of over 14,000 islands in the South Pacific. Basics For Expats in Jakarta Jakarta is referred to as the “Special Capital City District of Jakarta” in Indonesian, which translates to “DKI Jakarta” using abbreviations.

What kind of houses do people live in Jakarta?

As far as houses in Jakarta are concerned you’ll find some are quite big, some of them quite well maintained, whilst others are a bit run down. Many chose to live in a building or an apartment block because everything is included – maintenance, assistance, security etc.

Can a foreign couple get married in Indonesia?

All foreign language documents have to be translated into Indonesian by an authorized translator. Note: The Muslim traditional marriage Nikah Siri is not accepted as a legal marriage by foreign governments. There are numerous disadvantages due to this lack of legal status. An expatriate/Indonesian couple will experience two type of ceremonies.

Are there any hospitals in Jakarta, Indonesia?

Siloam Hospitals has several hospitals in the Jakarta area. In an expat culture shock report for Jakarta, an expat reported: The (British) company my husband works for had an Indonesian lady come and tell us about faux-pas other expats had made and what was taboo in Indonesia.

Where to go to meet girls in Indonesia?

You can choose between the Sky Garden nightclub (the place to meet cute girls) and the Sky Garden Rooftop Lounge (the place to get to know the girls you met on the dancefloor). Mirror Bali Lounge and Club: This place is insane. It’s one big gothic cathedral…that’s made for dancing, partying, and hooking up. You can find so many sexy girls here.

Is it hard to find a Christian girl in Indonesia?

It’s really hard to find Christian girls, especially when you are traveling to Jakarta. Heck, it’s even hard if you travel to Bali. Jakarta is populated by Muslims and Bali is populated by Hindus. Christians are a minority. I mean, you can use the search function on the largest Indonesian dating site to find them (I’ll show you how later).

Can a Western Man date an Indonesian woman?

There are usually two types of Western men who want to date Indonesian women. You either love the anonymous lifestyle and the selection of girls that Jakarta offers you. Or you prefer the laid-back atmosphere and the half-naked beach girls at Kuta beach who want to snuggle up to you in your hammock.

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