How long can a divorce drag on?

How long can a divorce drag on?

After the judge signs your order, you must wait a total of 90 days from the date you filed the petition or from the date you served the petition before a judge is able to sign your divorce papers. And even then, your divorce may drag beyond the 90 days.

What makes a divorce drag on?

Significant assets, child custody disputes, domestic violence issues, and investigations can all delay a divorce. Between court dates, spouses may need to complete certain actions before the case can move forward. Each step in a complex case can take months to resolve, delaying the overall timeframe for a divorce.

How does a narcissist act during divorce?

During a divorce, it is not uncommon for a narcissist to: Refuse to cooperate with you and your legal team. Behave vindictively. Blame others for their poor behavior or actions. Obstruct or ignore court orders.

Why do narcissists refuse to divorce?

The narcissist does not want you to move on with your life, even if they have. Your ability to start a new chapter is evidence that your world no longer revolves around them. It doesn’t mater if you’re divorced; the narcissist still demands loyalty and the fact that you’ve cut ties means you must be punished.

How can my spouse drag out my divorce?

Here are five ways your spouse might attempt to drag out your Washington divorce: 1. Abusing the discovery process. It is normal for both sides to ask for evidence during the divorce process, but some spouses may drag out your divorce by filing excessive requests and motions.

Why are some spouses delaying the divorce process?

Other spouses are angry about the divorce and want to see their husband or wife suffer though months or years of a drawn-out process. These husbands and wives usually feel that the situation is out of their control, and delaying the divorce process is one way to feel in control.

When did my ex wife and I divorce?

My ex-wife and I had been married for 20 years. We started the process of breaking up, a number of years before we actually did. We went for marriage counseling in 2010 and 2011; our divorce, was legally done in 2016. Before we went to therapy, we had been having challenges.

Why did my wife and I get a divorce?

“We were both just so tired of fighting .” When you love someone, you convince yourself that you’ll love them for the rest of your life. That’s a hard proposition, one that my wife and I couldn’t see through. We loved each other hard for many years.

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