What can you do if someone damages your car on purpose?

What can you do if someone damages your car on purpose?

Get a Police Report Intentional damage to your vehicle by another individual is serious and needs to be correctly documented by the police. You should always call the police if you experience car vandalism. Their report is necessary for a claim and there might be more going on than the incident with your car.

What do I do if someone vandalized my car?

What to do when your car is vandalized

  1. Document the scene. Record the damage with pictures, videos and notes.
  2. Don’t touch anything. Your car becomes evidence once it’s been vandalized, so be sure to keep things as they are.
  3. File a police report.
  4. Call your agent.
  5. Get it repaired.

What happens if someone intentionally damages your car?

If someone maliciously and deliberately damaged your car; let us be the first to sympathise.

Why was my car damaged at work, can they pay?

Hi everyone, just wanting some advice (if any one knows) as I am not sure where I stand. My car was damaged, parked in a private parking lot at work. The damage was maliciously done so it was no accident. I work with teenagers so the damaged was caused by someone at the facility.

What do I do about damage caused to my vehicle at the mechanic?

Most causes of action that would fall under this fact pattern require you to show that the mechanic’s actions actually caused the damage. This can often be difficult, especially when the mechanic’s defense is that the problem was pre-existing or caused by user negligence.

What happens if an employee is injured in a car accident?

Employees can be eligible for worker’s compensation if they were injured while driving their personal vehicles for work related purposes. Again, if an employee was insured at the time of the accident, the employee’s insurance will be liable to pay for injuries up to the covered amount.

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