How do you find the least cost method?

How do you find the least cost method?

Solution: According to the Least Cost Cell method, the least cost among all the cells in the table has to be found which is 1 (i.e. cell (O1, D2)). Now check the supply from the row O1 and demand for column D2 and allocate the smaller value to the cell. The smaller value is 300 so allocate this to the cell.

What is the minimum cost method?

Using the minimum cost method, the route that has the lowest transportation cost is filled first, and each successively lower cost cell is filled in from available supply until all demand has been satisfied. This method provides the lowest possible transportation costs.

What is the other name of least cost method?

North West Corner Method (NWCM) , Least Cost Method (LCM) and Vogel’s Approximation Method (VAM) are the classical methods for solving transportation problems and are well discussed in all the operation research books.

How do you do Vogel’s approximation method?

A method for finding a first feasible solution to a transportation problem. The procedure begins by finding the two lowest cost cells for each row and column in the transportation problem array.

Who introduced least cost method?

F.L. Hitchcock
The first systematic procedure in solving the TP was developed by F.L. Hitchcock [1] in 1941 and referred as Least Cost Method (LCM), which consists in allocating as much as possible in the lowest cost cell of the TP in making allocation in every stage.

What is column minima method?

In the column minima method, we begin with the first column and allocate gradually moving towards the lowest cost cell of the column. This system is continued until the first destination centre is satisfied or the capacity of the second is exhausted, or both happens.

What are the advantages of least cost method?

Advantages  This method provides accurate solution as transportation cost is consider while making allocation.  It is very simple & easy to calculate optimum solution under this method.

What is Modi method?

Abstract. The modified distribution method, is also known as MODI method or (u – v) method provides a minimum cost solution to the transportation problems. This model studies the minimization of the cost of transporting a commodity from a number of sources to several destinations.

Why Vogel’s approximation method is best?

VAM is a better method than the method of Least Cost and North West Corner in searching for feasible baseline solutions early. Allocate as many variables as possible with the smallest unit cost in the selected row or column. Adjust the supply and demand, and remove the rows or columns that have been fulfilled.

In which method the penalty cost is calculated?

The main concept of VAM algorithm is the penalty cost which is determined by the difference of smallest and next to smallest cost of each row and column where highest penalty indicate that one of the value of two minimum costs is too higher than another.

Which is the cheapest way to send a package?

I found it interesting that the shipping calculator said that ground shipping was cheaper than two-day priority. Also, two-day priority mail shipping for small flat rate envelopes rather than boxes came in at $7.75. By far, the cheapest option when shipping via the post office is the media mail option.

Which is an example of the substitute cost method?

The substitute cost method is applied by estimating the costs of providing a substitute for the affected services. For example, in this case a retaining wall or a levee might be built to protect nearby properties from flooding. The researcher would thus estimate the cost of building and maintaining such a wall or levee.

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