Can I get a copy of my sisters will?

Can I get a copy of my sisters will?

You can obtain a copy of a will once it has been lodged at the Court with a view to obtaining probate.

What happens if you lost original Will?

In California, a presumption arises where a person has possession of their own Will before death. If the original cannot be found, the law presumes that is was destroyed with the INTENT to revoke it. So if the original Will cannot be found and lodged with the Court, then the Will is considered revoked.

Who can certify a copy of a Will?

You can have copies certified by a practising solicitor or a notary public.

How old is my sister-in-law in law?

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What happens if my sister does not send me a copy of my parents will?

Generally there is no penalty if its not done timely, but you can sue to have her comply and the statutes provide for attorneys fees. As stated above, this may do you no good if everything was jointly owned. Also if you sister have intentionally changed the ownership of your mom’s accounts, you have a cause of action for interference…

When did brother and sister Sue over Dads estate?

A brother and sister were involved in a probate lawsuit involving undue influence. This probate & inheritance lawsuit over dad’s estate came to a head after the probate trial . No jury. On September 9, 2014, the appeals court ruled on the probate judge’s trial.

How can I stop thinking about my sister in law?

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