Can I sue my ex for negligence?

Can I sue my ex for negligence?

If you have been harmed by a former spouse, it is certainly possible to file a personal injury lawsuit against that person. While it may require extraordinary evidence to win the case, an attorney may be able to craft a narrative that convinces a judge or jury to rule in your favor.

Is my partner entitled to my inheritance UK?

Inheritance is not automatically included as part of the ‘joint matrimonial pot’, but in certain circumstances Family Courts in England and Wales have the discretion to make it available for ex-spouses. The Court’s priority when determining a Financial Settlement is to ensure that the needs of both people are met.

What can I do if my ex makes false allegations?

As there are no admissions, the court has not found them to be true and your ex cannot rely on them in any other court proceedings. Secondly, you may wish to defend the allegations and ask the judge to make a ruling that the allegations are false. This would require you and your ex to attend court.

Can you get an injunction against your ex partner?

My ex partner has an injunction against me and is trying to get it extended but had invited me to stay the night the other day and things were great but now hasn’t contacted me since and I’m wondering if I have any grounds to get the order revoked. This is the trap – get a injunction then invite you to break it. Do not do this again.

What can you do if your ex accuses you of domestic violence?

First, you can agree to provide an ‘undertaking’ stating that you will not threaten, harass, intimidate or pester your ex (or other such wording as appropriate). The wording of such an undertaking would mirror the wording in a non-molestation order.

Is it true that my ex accused me of molestation?

“My ex and I are currently going through an acrimonious divorce and I was alarmed to hear that she has now accused me of abusing her and applied for a non-molestation order. I didn’t do anything of the kind.

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