What is a boundary line dispute?

What is a boundary line dispute?

A boundary dispute is a disagreement between people who own adjoining real estate on where exactly one property ends and the other begins. Or, it can be a disagreement over how one party is legally allowed to use land when neither will ever agree on who owns it.

Who decides land dispute cases?

Land disputes clog all levels of courts in India, and account for the largest set of cases in terms of both absolute numbers and judicial pendency. About 25% of all cases decided by the Supreme Court involve land disputes, of which 30% concern disputes relating to land acquisition.

Why are boundary disputes so common in real estate?

Your real property (i.e., your land) is one of the most important pieces of property you own. Real property is often hard to define because it does not always follow clear boundaries or lines. Therefore, property boundary disputes are relatively common.

How can I dispute my Neighbor’s property boundaries?

Track down existing survey maps. If you think your neighbor has the wrong understanding of the property boundary abutting your property, the first step to disputing your neighbor is to figure out exactly where the legal boundaries are.

Which is the first step in a boundary dispute?

The first step is to confirm the location of your property line by commissioning a survey or obtaining an existing survey plan of your property, called a Surveyor’s Real Property Report. In a boundary dispute it is always advisable to get a new survey as it is the most current analysis of the property’s boundaries, physical features, easements etc.

Is there a way to remove boundary disputes from the courts?

In a separate development, Parliament is considering removing boundary disputes from the courts with the Property Boundaries (Resolution of Disputes) Bill 2016 which is in the initial stages of the Parliamentary process.

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