Are park homes a good investment?

Are park homes a good investment?

If you are considering downsizing and living full-time in a park home, it’s often an excellent investment—as buying and running costs tend to be much lower. Chances are you’ll be able to sell your house, buy a park home, and have a tidy sum left over.

What do park home site fees include?

These fees cover the cost of running the estate, as well as upkeep of communal areas, roads, and any other amenities. Pitch fees vary from site to site, but you can expect to pay somewhere between £60–£200 per month, according to Quickmove Properties.

Are caravan parks profitable?

Caravan parks are very good businesses. You can earn a good income. You live on site and your day to day living costs are very reasonable. When the time comes to sell your asset, your efforts should be well rewarded with a nice capital profit.

Do park homes keep their value?

Mortgage lenders are put off by the fact that park homes are situated on private land and tend to depreciate in value over time. Pitch fees cover the maintenance and upkeep of the site, the base that the home sits on, and possibly utilities such as water and electricity (though these are sometimes charged separately).

When did the Phoa Caravan Park Association start?

PHOA WA began in 1998 in a residential Caravan Park. These days even residential Caravan Parks can provide beautiful homes and community facilities, the highest valued at over $200,000. Forget the rickety caravan parks of last century. Homeowners in these parks have responsibly opted for ‘affordable housing’.

What happens if new owner of caravan park?

“We are also looking at what happens if a caravan park owner decides to sell the park, if the new owner wants it without tenants. “Residents were saying it should be open-ended and you should be in there as long as you want.

Who are the park home owners association wa?

Park Home Owners Association WA Inc (PHOA WA) is the only incorporated body looking after the interests of all permanent (long-stay) residents in residential parks and villages in WA. Some parks/villages for retirees were not set up in compliance with Retirement Village Law and therefore are not protected by Retirement Village legislation.

Where can I buy a caravan from Parkdean Resorts?

We offer brand new, handpicked holiday homes from our Parkdean Resorts Collection, as well as high quality used caravans for sale . From Devon to Scotland and comfort to luxury, caravan and holiday home ownership has never been more achievable.

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