How long does a build contract take?

How long does a build contract take?

Together, the length of time these processes take can vary significantly depending on your circumstance. However, unless you have requested a later start date for construction of your new home, usually building commences within 2-4 months of your signing the build contract.

What is a contract period in construction?

Most construction contracts set a date by which the works described in the contract must be completed (the completion date or contract completion date). This is not the date by which all obligations under the contract have to be discharged, but the date by which ‘practical completion’ must be certified.

Should I have a contract with my builder?

Always try to get a contract in writing before you give the go-ahead. If the contractor doesn’t do what you agreed, a written contract can help you get what you paid for, or at least get some of your money back. If they don’t you can write your own.

How do you cancel a contract with a builder?

Cancelling after the work’s started A builder or decorator will only begin work if you’ve formed a contract, either written or verbal. You’ll need to negotiate with the business if you want to cancel and get any money refunded. They may ask you to pay for any or all of the following: a cancellation fee.

What to do if builder does not complete work?

If the builder still does not complete the work. If the builder has still not completed the work within the specified period after you have sent the letter, your next step is to cancel your contract with the builder and state that you will be obtaining estimates from others to complete the work.

When to hire another contractor for building work?

It will be up to you, the customer, to determine upon the facts whether 10 or 14 days or any other number of days is reasonable to complete the work satisfactorily. If your builder does not put the matter right in the time you have allotted to them, you are entitled to employ another contractor.

Can a new builder demand to be paid more than the original builder?

You can also demand that your original builder pay any additional costs if your outlay in employing the new builder is greater than the amount which you would have had to pay your original builder to complete the work.

What should I demand in a letter to a builder?

In your letter you should demand that your builder complete the work within the period you specify – the time stated has to be reasonable and have regard for the terms of any contract.

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