How does bail work in Western Australia?

How does bail work in Western Australia?

An accused person who enters into a bail undertaking provides a legally binding, written promise to attend at court on a particular date and time. Failure to attend court to answer a bail undertaking ordinarily results in the court issuing a bench warrant for the accused person’s arrest.

What are some bail conditions?

In NSW, if you are granted bail by a police officer this may be subject to conditions that ensure you will appear in Court after being released from custody. Common conditions include daily and weekly reporting to a police station, curfews and a promise not to approach witnesses.

How do I change my bail conditions in WA?

Varying bail You must apply to the court where your charge is listed, either on the date when you are next due in court, or if you need to change it sooner, you can contact the court and ask for an early listing.

Can a person be released on bail in South Australia?

An accused person can be released on bail (as opposed to being remanded in custody) after he or she has been charged with an offence. There are other circumstances in which a person may be eligible to apply for bail. In South Australia bail matters are regulated by the Bail Act, 1935. Return to the top. Are there different types of bail?

What are the conditions of parole in Western Australia?

If parole is granted, a parole order will set out the date of release and the specific conditions that have to be met while on parole. A parolee is usually supervised and must comply with certain conditions to protect the community and to allow the Board to monitor the parolee’s circumstances and behaviour.

What are the conditions of a bail agreement?

Conditions attached to a bail agreement can vary, and may include: the person living at a particular address, with or without electronic monitoring, and not leaving that place without prior permission (“home detention” bail). restrictions on the person contacting certain people, generally victims and witnesses

Can a person on bail work in the community?

A person who is on bail may stay in the community as long as they follow the rules or conditions which have been set. They may be able to live at their usual house and work in the same job.

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