What are the questions asked by shareholders in AGM?

What are the questions asked by shareholders in AGM?

15 Basic Questions for shareholders to ask at the AGM

  • Current financial position?
  • Has the Board checked its figures – how was it done, show how it was robust?
  • How has the Board minimised/limited/managed possible exchange rate fluctuations?
  • Does the Board’s plan for the future need working capital – how will it raise it?

Can 2 AGM be held on same day?

An AGM should be conducted during the business hours between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. only. The meeting can be conducted on any day, which is not a national holiday, including holidays declared by the Central Government. A government company can also hold its AGM at any other place as the Central Government may approve.

Who can speak at an AGM?

(1) A person is able to exercise the right to speak at a general meeting when that person is in a position to communicate to all those attending the meeting, during the meeting, any information or opinions which that person has on the business of the meeting.

What do you need to know about the AGM?

Meeting procedure. 1 to accept the minutes of the last AGM. 2 to approve the Chair’s report (the Annual Report) 3 to approve the Treasurer’s report (the Financial Statement. 4 to appoint as auditor for next year.

Why is an annual General Meeting ( AGM ) important?

Annual general meetings (AGMs) are important for the transparency they provide, the ability to include shareholders, as well as bringing management to accountability.

When do shareholders ask questions at an AGM?

At an AGM, there is often a time set aside for shareholders to ask questions to the directors of the company. Activist shareholders may use an AGM as an opportunity to express their concerns.

When do new associations have to hold their first AGM?

New associations must hold its first AGM within 18 months from the date of incorporation. An association’s constitution must specify the manner of calling an AGM and the manner in which notice of the AGM is given.

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