Why is my ex partner not responding to solicitors letters?

Why is my ex partner not responding to solicitors letters?

You seem to be thinking of this separation as a ‘divorce’ , which it isn’t, he is under no obligation to respond to solicitors letters etc, this is the whole reason why having children without marriage is such a bad choice. Things are so different if married, such a a judge giving consideration to the children’s housing.

Do you need a lawyer to dispute a letter from a solicitor?

There is no need to get into further correspondence with them by asking them to prove their claims, just dispute what they have claimed and leave it at that. if it goes to court you would not need legal representation although it can help.

What to do if your ex’s lawyer is harassing you?

If you are not represented, then your ex’s attorney may need to contact you regarding an active case. Generally, you may set the method of contact and communication, so long as it is reasonable.

Can a lawyer write a follow up letter?

Often times a lawyer may write a follow-up letter to remind the client’s spouse of the importance of responding, but very rarely would a lawyer waste his or her client’s money on writing more than two letters or reminders.

Can a lawyer send a settlement letter to your spouse?

There are special rules that apply when your spouse is represented by a lawyer. You: must understand that your attorney cannot send anything directly to your spouse, but must send it to the other attorney.

What to do with this solicitors letter?

As to lack of proof; it isn’t up to the solicitor to decide whether you did the thing you are accused of doing. The solicitor is there to advise their own client, and to act on their instructions – not to decide for themselves who is in the right or in the wrong.

Can a divorce lawyer work with an unrepresented spouse?

If you have a divorce attorney, but your spouse doesn’t, it might be more difficult to settle your case. How Can My Lawyer Settle With My Unrepresented Spouse? Your lawyer can work on a settlement directly with your spouse and resolve your divorce on your behalf.

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