How many car park accidents are there in the UK?

How many car park accidents are there in the UK?

According to the AA, at least 20% of all insurance claims that they receive come from accidents that happened in a car park. In fact, they are the most common category of car insurance claims, with the RAC reporting that approximately two-thirds of drivers in Britain have experienced some kind of damage to their car after parking in a car park.

What are the most common parking lot accidents?

One of the most common accidents to occur in a parking lot is one in which a driver is backing (or pulling) out of a space and strikes another vehicle, whether moving or parked.

What happens when two cars collide in a parking spot?

Two cars collide while pulling out of their parking spots. This is often a 50-50 fault split. The exception would be if one car had the last opportunity to avoid the collision. Two vehicles collide while vying for a parking space. Many factors are at play here: Who had the right-of-way? Who was furthest into the parking spot?

What happens if you have an accident in a car park?

A recent update to the driving test from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency has announced that they will be removing ‘reverse around a corner’ and ‘turn in a round’, and focus on ‘parallel park at the side of the road’, ‘parking in a bay’, and ‘pulling up on the right-hand side of the road’.

Why are so many car accidents in parking lots?

Although drivers are usually driving quite slowly in parking lots, many car accidents occur in parking lots because cars are going in multiple directions and doing so many different and sudden things in a relatively cramped space.

Can a car accident happen in a car park?

The most common location for a car accident to happen is in a supermarket car park and it’s not just other people and their careless parking that can cause damage to your car. Shopping trolleys and even immovable objects such as concrete pillars or lamp posts pose a risk of damaging your vehicle, or even yourself!

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