What can I do for my ex husband in Australia?

What can I do for my ex husband in Australia?

They will get an interpreter. You can also: • call services that can give you support, legal help or accommodation • apply for an order that stops your former partner from making threats, or from coming anywhere near where you live and work. The order can also protect children. This is called a family violence intervention order.

Why did my Ex move away from me?

I’m not saying he moved away because of you. But if he moved away, it definitely means that he’s let go of any chances of being with you. People stay in cities for lots of reasons, and one of the biggest ones is that their S/O wants to be there, so they want to be there.

Is it possible to get back together with your ex?

Look, if you want to get back together with him, you have to at least be talking to him. There’s no chance at all if you don’t talk to each other whatsoever.

Is it legal to separate from your partner in Australia?

The law does not make decisions about who is right or who is wrong but looks at making arrangements for the future. What is separation? In Australia, separation is when you stop living together as a couple. Do I need anyone’s permission to separate? You do not need permission from your partner or the government to separate from your partner.

What did Guy get 2 years in jail for?

This guy gets 2 years for Armed Robbery , he makes a post before going into jail (nothing special) then a make a long thread after getting out. It’s pinned on an imageboard I frequent, this is his story; …and fuck it if I’ve forgotten how to work a mouse and hit the submit button too soon.

What can I do if my ex partner is not on benefits?

If your ex-partner is not on a benefit, you can come to a private arrangement as to what you think is fair. Provided you both agree, this does not have to be the amount stipulated by Inland Revenue, and can be paid out in whatever way you choose.

Where did Alex McCord and her husband move to?

Scroll down for video. Relocation: Alex McCord and her husband Simon van Kempen has moved their family thousands of miles from Brooklyn, New York to Queensland, Australia. New digs: The former Real Housewife Of New York has now set up home in Newrybar, a coastal village 200km from Brisbane.

Why did Alex and Simon move to Australia?

‘After 18 years in New York for Alex, and 28 years outside Australia for Simon, we’ve made the decision to move to Australia to be with family,’ she explained.

Can a child live with both parents in Australia?

There are no hard and fast rules about making arrangements for which parent a child will live with or spend time with after their parents separate. This used to be called making ‘custody’ or ‘contact’ arrangements. These terms are no longer used in Australian family law.

What happens if ex spouse moves out of family home?

A proven determination to stay in the family home with the child or children may influence future custody hearings. In the event of one ex-spouse eventually moving out of the family home, they may be required to pay child support if they are they are the party spending less time with the children.

Can a woman still live with her ex husband?

They eventually formed a close relationship even though the woman was already in a relationship and living with another man. The woman ended that relationship and had a baby daughter with the doctor. They eventually got married and lived together for a short period.

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