What do you need to know before going to Australia?

What do you need to know before going to Australia?

Things to Know Before Visiting Australia. From sunscreen to Tim Tams, and from BBQ etiquette to safe swimming, here are Culture Trip’s do’s, don’ts and doo-doos when it comes to a faux pas-free visit to Australia.

Why is Australia a member of the UNSC?

United Nations Security Council (UNSC) sanctions, which Australia must impose as a member of the UN. Australian autonomous sanctions, which are imposed as a matter of Australian foreign policy. In response to a situation of international concern, Australia and/or the UNSC may impose what is referred to as a sanctions ‘regime’.

What do you need to know about money in Australia?

Australian money is colourful and plastic, and the size of the notes increases as the value increases. Also, everything is rounded to the nearest five cents; thus, the smallest change provided is five cents. Driving in Australia is quite common as public transport isn’t necessarily the best, but it does depend on which city you are in.

What are the best things to do in Australia?

One of our best Australia travel tips is to experience as much as you can during your time Down Under. There are several unique activities and things that you can only do in Australia, so it’s worth considering adding these to you Australia bucket list.

One of the things to know before going to Australia is that wine regions in the country are plentiful and fantastic destinations to visit! The country is actually the fifth largest wine exporter in the world and sends 60% of its wines to other countries.

How much money should I have saved up before moving to Australia?

Well, the more you have saved up the better. We recommend having at least 3-5k saved up from our own experience. But it all depends on your personal spending abilities. 4.

What’s the best way to send stuff to Australia?

Use SendMyBag (5% off with this link) if you don’t want to leave stuff behind. They are super reliable and got competitive prices. If you are moving to Australia and need a container, Seven Seas Worldwide are our go-to company! This link also gives you 10-$25 off with Irish Around Oz (our partner website).

What to know before moving to Australia from Canada?

If you are also thinking about making the move to Canada you can read our Australia Vs Canada guide here. We did a working holiday in both countries. Think of this as a big moving to Australia checklist.

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