Does a principal contractor have to be on site at all times?

Does a principal contractor have to be on site at all times?

As Principal Contractor you will need to make sure that you have someone responsible on site at all times. This does not need to be one of your own people, it can be a trusted sub-contractor foreman.

What does a principal contractor have to provide for their employees?

Principal contractors shall ensure that their employees shall be instructed as to any hazards that exist at their place of work, and shall receive such training and supervision as may be deemed necessary to carry out their jobs safely and satisfactorily, in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, and …

Can you have 2 principal contractors on site?

So, when a project involves more than one contractor, then a principal contractor must be appointed. Not several principal contractors. One project, one principal contractor. Since each construction site is usually one project, this means you can’t usually have more than one principal contractor on site.

Who appoints the principal contractor?

A principal contractor is appointed by the client to control the construction phase of any project involving more than one contractor.

Can a client be principal contractor?

The client can also be the principal contractor under CDM if they are having work carried out within their own occupied premises. They could also appoint the principal contractor role to another person or organisation who they have in control of the works.

Can the principal designer be the principal contractor?

It is entirely possible, therefore, that the design and build contractor could be appointed as both Principal Designer and Principal Contractor.

Can the client be the principal contractor?

What is the difference between principal contractor and principal designer?

The principal contractor manages the construction phase and all of the contractors appointed on the project. The principal designer has a similar role but at an earlier stage of the project, managing the pre-construction phase and all of the designers appointed.

When to hire a principal contractor for a construction project?

The principal contractor should be appointed by the client as early in the project as possible and before the construction phase begins. This is so that the principal contractor can: allow time to plan the work of the construction phase and, in liaison with the principal designer…

Can a contractor refuse to work on a construction site?

The principal contractor must take necessary steps to prevent access by unauthorised persons to the construction site and contractors must not begin work on a construction site unless reasonable steps have been taken to prevent access by unauthorised persons to that site .

When does the construction work Code of practice start?

This instrument is the Work Health and Safety (Construction Work) Code of Practice 2015. This instrument commences on the day after it is registered on the Federal Register of Legislative Instruments. I approve the Construction Work Code of Practice.

Can a principal contract with a self employed person?

Principals, contractors, employers, and self-employed people cannot contract out of any liability under the Act. Boxes contain sections of the Act involving duties. Some of the sections have been shortened or re-formatted for readability.

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