Can a neighbor build over your property line?

Can a neighbor build over your property line?

A common occurrence in our area, given the frequent lack of survey monuments, is a neighbor’s inadvertent building over your property line, whether it be a driveway, a fence, a deck or even a portion of a house. Must the encroachment over the boundary line be removed or may it legally remain in place? That, my friends, is the question.

Can a neighbor put a prescriptive easement on your property?

No surprise. Adverse possession claims are difficult to perfect. Welch’s much stronger theory to keep her encroachments in place was a prescriptive easement. The elements of a prescriptive easement are exactly the same as adverse possession, but there is no need to pay taxes on the neighbor’s built-on land.

When do you have to remove neighbor’s encroachments?

That, my friends, is the question. The short answer if the encroachments were constructed less than five years ago: generally, they must be removed. If they have been in place for five years or longer, the riddle is more complicated.

Do you need land to rebuild a house in Singapore?

Buying land to rebuild a home is a tricky scenario as it involves a lot of prior planning. This might result in the case where you have bought land where the result is a less than available area for rebuilding. As a private owner, it is very challenging in sourcing the right landed property contractor in Singapore.

Can a neighbor put a fence on your property?

Legally, this is a type of property easement that is earned by regular use of the property. While your neighbor would not gain a legal title to the land or be able to sell it, they may be able to claim a legal right to use the property.

Can a neighbour take down a shared wall?

Yes, because you erected/paid for the fence you are the owner, but can still be classed as a shared wall because it is sitting on the thin line of your boundaries. You can remove the fence when you want because it is yours.

How can I tell if my neighbour has removed my fence?

If the fence is on the right and not on/in your property line, then your neighbours hold responsibility. This information will also be on your deeds. If the property is rented or council-owned enquire with them if your neighbour has removed or removing the fence and not replacing it.

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