What are Aussie slang words?

What are Aussie slang words?

100 Australian Slang Words & Phrases

Aussie slang word/phrase Meaning
Bloody Very
Bloody oath Yes! Or “That’s very true”
Bludger Someone who’s lazy
Bogan Someone who’s not very sophisticated

What is the Australian slang for man?

Bloke is a slang term for a common man in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. The earliest known usage is from the early 19th century, when it was recorded as a London slang term.

What’s the most Australian sentence?

The 10 Most Aussie Sayings Ever

  • Yeah, nah. Perhaps the most beautiful expression in the Australian vernacular.
  • Go off like a frog in a sock. A mysterious phrase meaning that something—a party, for example—is particularly entertaining and vibrant.
  • Have a root.
  • Have a squiz.
  • Pull ya head in.
  • Having a Barry Crocker.
  • Ta.
  • Sweet as.

What’s the meaning of the song Aussie as?

This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Aussie As is a song very close to my heart, it’s about Australian culture and values- it’s a blue tongue in the garden, it’s a footy on the roof, it’s a hundred different cultures all rolled into one, it’s what being Australian means to me. Written by Matt Scullion and Paul Grierson.

What do Aussies mean when they say Slab?

So, what do Aussies mean when they say: “Let’s grab a slab from the bottle-o for our piss-up later.” A “slab” is a quantity or beer, usually a box. You can buy this from a liquor store (Aussies call this a bottle shop, or “bottle-o”). Then, a “piss-up” is a very informal phrase for a party where alcoholic drinks are involved.

What kind of slang do you hear in Australia?

When you learn English you’re taught how to speak and write ‘proper’ English. Then you visit an English speaking country and start hearing some very strange slang terms. Australian slang is certainly ‘interesting’!

What’s the Aussie slang term for no worries?

No Worries – No problem / it’s ok. No Wucka’s – A truly Aussie way to say ‘no worries’. Nuddy – Naked. Outback – The interior of Australia, “The Outback” is more remote than those areas named “the bush”. Pash – to kiss.

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