What happens if you are caught hoon driving?

What happens if you are caught hoon driving?

The car may be impounded, or the plates confiscated, for up to three months. If you are charged with a second offence, the car may be forfeited to the state and sold, or released to Transport for NSW for crash testing.

What is considered hoon driving?

A hoon, in Australia and New Zealand, is a person who deliberately drives a vehicle in a reckless or dangerous manner, generally in order to provoke a reaction from onlookers. Hoon activities (or hooning) can include speeding, burnouts, doughnuts, or screeching tyres.

Is hoon driving a criminal offence?

Hooning refers to anti-social and dangerous behaviour committed when driving a motor vehicle. In New South Wales, it is an offence to commit certain types of hooning, including: driving at least 45 kilometres per hour over the speed limit (ie a high range speeding offence).

When does an offence become a hoon driving offence?

The laws about impoundment, immobilisation and forfeiture only apply if the offence was listed as a hoon driving offence at the time the offence happened. For example, the offence of deliberately damaging an emergency vehicle was added to the list of hoon offences on 28 October 2018.

What is the penalty for hoon driving in Victoria?

Penalties for hoon driving offences include the vehicle being impounded, immobilised or forfeited. There are two types of offences. Most hoon-driving offences can result in a vehicle being impounded or immobilised for a first offence.

Can a car be impounded after a hoon driving offence?

Police may impound or immobilise your vehicle for up to 30 days if they believe that a vehicle has been involved in a hoon driving offence within the last 48 hours. They can do this even if they do not know who was driving at the time.

What happens if you get a forfeiture order for hoon driving?

The magistrate may decide to make an impoundment or immobilisation order if you are found guilty or plead guilty to a hoon driving offence in court. A forfeiture order means that you no longer own the vehicle. Ownership is transferred to the government and the vehicle is sold or destroyed.

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