Do tenants pay for water in NT?

Do tenants pay for water in NT?

In the Northern Territory, the tenant is liable for consumption charges such as water so long as they are individually metered and the tenancy agreement requires the tenant to pay them.

When can you rent a house in Australia?

A person may rent if they are 16 years of age or older. A person aged 16 to 18 years will be bound by a Tenancy Agreement, so long as the agreement is not harsh or unconscionable. A family has a legal responsibility for the children until they are 18 years of age.

How is life in Northern Territory?

Complemented by clean air, friendly faces and the realisation of strong economic growth, the Northern Territory provides a way of life unlike any other place in Australia. It is a place of opportunity for families, business people and individuals and delivers a unique quality of life.

Do you pay for water in Darwin?

You don’t need to pay any other charges, levies, rates or taxes.

Can I rent out my first home Australia?

As the name suggests, the six year rule means you could rent out your primary place of residence for up to six years and keep its capital gains tax free status. Once again, it’s important you get professional tax advice to understand all the details as well as the personal implications of this for you.

Why do people not live in northern Australia?

Most Aussies live on the coast of the largest island continent in the world. Our “wide brown land, girt by sea,” is sparsely populated in the Northern Territory and elsewhere, because it’s mostly arid desert where the population is much less than one per 10 square kilometres.

Is there a Rental Guide in the Northern Territory?

A copy of this guide is available to download, or print out: A Guide to Renting in the Northern Territory A tenancy database (or blacklist as it is more commonly known) is a list used by landlords to record personal information about the rental history of their tenants should they default on their tenancy agreement.

How to get public housing in Northern Territory?

Apply for public housing, renew your lease, buy your public house, visitors, pets, neighbours, complaints. Affordable rentals, dispute support, rights and responsibilities, repairs, leases.

When did the Residential Tenancies Act start in the Northern Territory?

The Residential Tenancies Act (the Act) is the legislation that covers most residential tenancy agreements (tenancy agreements) in the Northern Territory. This Act commenced on 1 March 2000 and applies to most tenancy agreements entered into after that date.

What are the responsibilities of a landlord in the Northern Territory?

Energy efficiency, renovating, boundary disputes, insurance, property valuations, renting your home and landlord responsibilities. Land clearing permits, when land ownership changes, current applications and approvals, appeals

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