What is Section 41 of the Road Traffic Act?

What is Section 41 of the Road Traffic Act?

(4) A person who obstructs or impedes, or assists another person to obstruct or impede, a member of the Garda Síochána in the performance of his duties under this section shall be guilty of an offence.

What is Section 6 of the Road Traffic Act?

If a person fails the preliminary test or refuses to cooperate they will be arrested, taken to a police office and subsequently charged in terms of Section 6 of the Road Traffic Act 1988. A person can only be convicted if the prosecution can prove that the driver failed to cooperate. Failure includes refusal.

What is Section 5 of the Road Traffic Act 1988?

5 Driving or being in charge of a motor vehicle with alcohol concentration above prescribed limit. U.K. (b)is in charge of a motor vehicle on a road or other public place, after consuming so much alcohol that the proportion of it in his breath, blood or urine exceeds the prescribed limit he is guilty of an offence.

What is motor vehicle Act what are its section?

The Motor Vehicles Act, passed in the year 1988 by the Indian Parliament, regulates almost all aspects of road transport vehicles. It has provisions for traffic regulations, vehicle insurance, registration of motor vehicles, controlling permits and penalties. The Act came into force from 1 July 1989.

Can Gardai take your car?

The Gardaí have the power to seize the car you are driving, even if it belongs to someone else.

What is section 1 of the road Traffic Act?

A Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP), also known as a Section 1 warning, is a warning issued under Section 1 of the Road Traffic (Offenders) Act 1988. The NIP is simply what the name suggests. It is a warning that a driver may be prosecuted for a certain offence/offences and may be in oral or written form.

What is Section 2 of the Road Traffic Act?

Section 2 of the Road Traffic Act 1988, states that: “A person who drives a mechanically propelled vehicle dangerously on a road or other public place is guilty of an offence.” Whether or not a case is considered to be dangerous will depend on the facts and circumstances of the offence.

What is section 1 of the Road Traffic Act?

How is the motor vehicle and Road Traffic Act amended?

Clause 8 would amend section 19 of the Act by making failing to register the transfer of a vehicle a traffic violation. Clause 9 would amend the Act by inserting a new Part IIA to provide for traffic violations. This new Part would specify that compliance with the Act is a condition of a driving permit and the registration of a motor vehicle.

What are the provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act?

The Act provides in detail the legislative provisions regarding licensing of drivers/conductors, registration of motor vehicles, control of motor vehicles through permits, special provisions relating to state transport undertakings, traffic regulation, insurance, liability, offences and penalties, etc.

How are Traffic Regulation Orders used to restrict motor vehicles?

3. The TRO is a versatile tool which may prohibit, restrict or regulate the use of any type, section, length, width or part of the width of a highway; by any type, weight, width or direction of vehicle; for any period of time, as specified in the order.

What are the offences of Part V of the Traffic Act?

PART V – DRIVING AND OTHER OFFENCES RELATING TO THE USE OF VEHICLES ON ROADS 42. Speed of motor vehicles. 43. Penalties in relation to speed. 44. Driving under influence of drink. 45. Prohibition of drinking when driving or in charge of public service vehicle. 45A. Driving on pavement, pedestrian walkway, etc. 46.

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