What is an injunction NSW?

What is an injunction NSW?

An injunction is a Court order directing a person to do or not do a specific thing. An interlocutory injunction is granted prior to trial and remains in force until hearing.

Is an Anton Piller order an interlocutory injunction?

Anton Pillar injunction also known in NSW as a “search order”, an Anton Piller injunction is a form of ex parte interlocutory injunction under which the plaintiff is given certain rights of access to and information concerning documents or articles in the defendant’s possession.

How quick can I get an injunction?

It typically takes a week or two to get an injunction, but you can apply for an injunction to be granted on the same day if you are at immediate risk of significant harm. If the court grants an injunction without notice, you will have to go back to court later for a hearing once the abuser has been given notice.

What are the different kinds of injunctions?

The following are the different types of the injunction:

  • Preliminary injunction.
  • Preventive Injunction.
  • Mandatory injunction.
  • Temporary restraining order.
  • Permanent injunction.

    What is the difference between a restraining order and an injunction?

    Limited in their duration and effect, “restraining orders” are distinguished from the more lasting form of court intervention called an “Injunction.” Generally, restraining orders are sought as a form of immediate relief while a plaintiff pursues a permanent injunction.

    When can an injunction be granted?

    per Sec. 37(2) of Specific Relief Act- A perpetual injunction can only be granted by the decree made at the hearing and upon the merits of the suit; the defendant is thereby perpetually prevented from the assertion of a right, or from the commission of an act, which woud be contrary to the rights of the plaintiff.

    Can a district court grant an interlocutory injunction?

    There is express power for the District Court to grant injunctions (including interlocutory injunctions) in any “action” as defined in s 44 of the DCA: DCA s 46.

    How does an application for an injunction work?

    An application for an injunction is typically made to the court by way of a summons together with an affidavit in support. If an injunction is granted the order can either restrain or compel conduct on the part of the other party.

    How does District Court of New South Wales work?

    The main resources for key district court procedures, such as practice notes, subpoenas and online courts. The District Court of New South Wales hears serious criminal offences, appeals from lower courts and civil proceedings. Learn the range of case types the District Court deals with in addition to hearing certain appeals

    What are some examples of Federal Circuit Court injunctions?

    Some examples of the type of injunctions the Federal Circuit Court can make include the following: An order to prevent a liquidator from selling a property by a party to the marriage; Orders stopping a person from interfering with another’s privacy; An injunction to prevent corporations engaging in misuse of market power; and

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