How much do you pay for capitec funeral cover?

How much do you pay for capitec funeral cover?

Hear this out loudPauseVisit a branch for funeral cover starting at R40 per month, or pay lower premiums from just R25 per month when you use our banking app to get your funeral plan. Get cover for one spouse and up to 4 parents, 8 children and 8 extended family members – all on one plan. Only pay what you can afford.

Who can claim Gepf funeral benefits?

Hear this out loudPauseWho qualifies for the funeral benefit? The GEPF provides benefits for the funeral of a member or a pensioner, as well as for the funeral of a spouse or eligible child of a member or pensioner. For a member, pensioner or spouse, the fund pays a taxable amount of R15 000 towards the funeral costs.

How do I pay my Hollard?

Hear this out loudPauseOnce you have created a beneficiary on your profile, you can send money to that account using Internet Banking or by dialling *120*150*46# on your cell phone and following the menu options. If you send money to another Hollard Money Account, the money will be available in the receiving account within minutes.

How much does Old Mutual pay for funeral cover?

Hear this out loudPauseOld Mutual Protect Family Funeral Cover pays a single tax-free amount from R5 000 to R100 000 when you, your spouse/partner or a child die – this can help cover funeral expenses.

What is the age limit for capitec funeral cover?

Maximum cover (you and up to 21 lives)

Life Assured Categories Maximum Cover
Policyholder R100 000
Spouse (18 – 64 years) R100 000
Children (14 years and older) R60 000 each*
Children (6 – 13 years) R50 000 each*

How do I claim my Hollard Funeral Cover?

Step 1 – Notify us

  1. For Life or Funeral claims:
  2. Tel: 011 547 7000 or 0860 000 789.
  3. Fax: 086 659 0135.
  4. Email: [email protected]
  5. For Household Content claims:
  6. Tel: 0860 000 789 (select option 1, then option 4) or 011 351 4554.
  7. Fax: 086 659 0135.

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