Who owns NZ Rural Land Co?

Who owns NZ Rural Land Co?

Allied Farmers
NZ Rural Land Management is 50% owned by Allied Farmers.

Who is the biggest landowner in NZ?

The 10 largest freehold landowners in New Zealand are:

  • Roberts and Apatu families (41,296 hectares combined.
  • Michael Spencer (35,942 hectares.
  • Port Blakely Limited (35,889 hectares)
  • Global Forest Partners LLC (33,706 hectares)
  • New Zealand Carbon Farming (28,365 hectares)
  • Wairakei Pastoral Limited (27,634 hectares)

How many acres is the biggest farm in NZ?

Molesworth Station is located behind the Inland Kaikoura Mountain range in the South Island’s Marlborough District. It is New Zealand’s largest farm, at over 1,800 km², and supports the country’s biggest herd of cattle.

Who owns the most property in New Zealand?

However, the largest holding by far in that category was by Housing New Zealand, which owns around 60,000 properties.

Who owns the most private land in the world?

However, if you expand to the 15 largest private landowners, American billionaire Ted Turner just squeaks onto the list. King Letsie owns all the land, including the diamond mines, in his country. This is his second non-consecutive reign as king.

Who owns most of the land?

  1. John Malone. > Land area: 2,200,000 acres.
  2. Emmerson Family. > Land area: 2,078,032 acres.
  3. Ted Turner. > Land area: 2,000,000 acres.
  4. Reed Family. > Land area: 1,726,295 acres.
  5. Stan Kroenke. > Land area: 1,380,000 acres.
  6. Irving Family. > Land area: 1,247,880 acres.
  7. Peter Buck. > Land area: 1,236,000 acres.
  8. Brad Kelley.

Does the queen own land in NZ?

The Queen has emerged as one of the biggest owners of land in Auckland, at least on paper. The first-ever stocktake of publicly owned land in Auckland shows “Her Majesty the Queen” as the registered owner of 23,334 hectares, or 4.75 per cent of the city’s land area.

Why are billionaires buying land in New Zealand?

The billionaires of Silicon Valley and other rich Americans are reported to be buying extensive areas of land in New Zealand in preparation for a feared apocalyptic event such as a nuclear war or an outbreak of a global virus that would end our civilisation as we know it.

How are rural properties marketed in New Zealand?

Our in-house marketing department ensure that all rural properties are presented in the best possible way to local and the increasingly important national market. This is done through widely spread print media, a formidable web presence and being connected to the country’s largest referral network, the NZ Realtors Network.

Where are the best real estate brokers in New Zealand?

A large portion of the property is deer fenced to a Property Brokers are experts in rural property sales providing you with the best real estate advice in selling or buying rural property across the Lower North Island, Waikato, King Country and throughout Canterbury, Otago and the West Coast.

Where to lease land in Auckland New Zealand?

Looking anywhere in Auckland and surrounds for flat land to lease ideally with a green house for horticulture. Dry stock farm lease wanted. All options considered in Paeroa, Morrinsville, Gordonton, Taupiri areas.

How big is kauarapaoa Road in New Zealand?

At 175 hectares, 2552 Kauarapaoa Road has many strings to her bow, currently supporting a growing An impressive dairy support farm that has been developed by the vendors to a high standard.

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