Is an address blacklisted or a person?

Is an address blacklisted or a person?

Can an address be blacklisted? No – not even if the people who lived there before you had multiple debts and were on shaky financial ground. It doesn’t matter who lived at your address in the past – their financial mistakes won’t be linked to you just because you live in the same house or flat.

Can you buy property if you are blacklisted?

It is possible to buy a house even if you have a bad credit rating but it will depend on how bad that rating is. You’ll stand no chance of getting a loan if your name has been blacklisted with the credit bureaux.

Does credit rating go on name or address?

No – credit checks are done on people, not addresses. Your address is simply used alongside other information to help confirm your identity. You can be linked to other people on your credit report if you share finances with them, such as a joint mortgage.

Can my address be blacklisted?

There’s no such thing as a blacklisted address. And there definitely isn’t a long list of addresses somewhere that lenders check when deciding whether to lend to you or not. The fact is that it doesn’t matter who has lived at your address in the past.

What happens if I am blacklisted?

Being blacklisted means that you have a negative credit profile. If you are on the blacklist, it means that you cannot get credit. You will therefore not be able to open a clothes or furniture account. A bank loan will also be impossible.

Can a property be blacklisted on this is money?

The tenant’s whereabouts is not known. J.M., London Laura Howard, of This is Money’s Ask an Expert section, replies: It’s common to hear people suggest that an address can be blacklisted and you can be hit by someone else’s bad debts, but credit reference experts say that the idea of properties being blacklisted is an urban legend.

Can a person be blacklisted for having an address?

We visit the suburban home hiding a 400-strong collection of carefully curated piggy banks and money boxes Can your address be credit blacklisted? My friend, who has never had a credit card, has been refused credit to buy a laptop. The reason given was because her address was ‘blacklisted’. Death knell: Can an address be blacklisted?

What happens to your credit if you are blacklisted in South Africa?

Blacklisting will severely impact your ability to get credit and will mean a much higher interest rate if you can get a loan. It can also prevent you from getting specific jobs where they check that you maintain a good credit record. Have you been blacklisted by poor financial decisions or by no fault of your own?

What happens when your name is on a blacklist?

In the world of finance, a “blacklist” is a list of individuals and groups who defaulted their debts after a series of nonpayment. When a person’s name enters the “blacklist,” it becomes harder for that person to apply for financial services from banks. How does a person become blacklisted?

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