What does Apia contents insurance cover?

What does Apia contents insurance cover?

Apia Home Insurance covers your home including garages, carports, gates and fences for loss or damage caused by a range of insured events. It also covers any fixtures attached permanently to your home, like solar panels and wall, ceiling and floor coverings (excluding carpets).

Does Apia cover termite damage?

But we do not cover loss or damage caused by insects, vermin or rodents (some limited exceptions apply). But we do not cover the cost of repairing or replacing the tank or container that exploded. But we do not cover loss or damage caused by you or someone who lives at the insured address.

Does content insurance cover damage?

Home contents insurance covers you against loss, theft or damage to your personal and home possessions. However, it’s a good idea to do so because if any of your contents are lost, stolen or damaged you will have to pay to replace them.

What damage is covered by a buildings insurance?

Buildings insurance usually covers loss or damage caused by: fire, explosion, storms, floods, earthquakes. theft, attempted theft and vandalism. frozen and burst pipes.

Who is Apia underwritten by?

AAI Limited
Apia Limited is an Authorised Representative and wholly owned subsidiary of AAI Limited, and acts as AAI Limited’s agent under an authority given to it by AAI Limited to enter into contracts of insurance on behalf of AAI Limited as insurer, and deal with and settle claims on behalf of AAI Limited.

Can you insure a garden?

Garden insurance can financially protect the value of your garden from a variety of unexpected events like storms, thefts and vandalism. You can get cover as part of a home insurance policy.

How much does it cost to fix termite damage?

Structural Termite Damage The average cost of termite damage repair is $3,000, but that can vary widely depending on the extent of the damage and exactly what they ate.

Is a termite policy worth it?

The reality is that home termite control is absolutely essential. Termites can quickly cause a devastating amount of damage to your home, resulting in costly repairs. Taking the necessary steps for termite inspection, control, treatment, and prevention can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

What kind of insurance does Apia insurance cover?

Apia’s basic policy covers your home and contents against damage or loss from fire, theft, storm, flood and vandalism. Home and Contents Extra.

What do you need to know about Apia roadside support?

This includes car accidents, theft, fire, storms, criminal damage, and many other things. You can also add APIA roadside support for a small monthly fee, which gives you 24/7 support and windscreen and window glass cover, which is highly recommended! This optional extra can be included in your comprehensive car insurance cover.

Can a storm surge be covered by APIA?

#Apia does not cover actions or movements of the sea or storm surge – unless the storm surge damage occurs at the same time as damage caused by storm. Limits, exclusions and conditions apply, please refer to the PDS for full details.

What happens if your jewellery is stolen with APIA?

If your jewellery is stolen, for example, Apia will pay for the costs to replace it up to the value of $2,500 per item (for comparison, it’s $2,000 with the standard contents cover). Or if any personal medical equipment is damaged, it will be replaced too, as will computer and home office inventory to set limits for this policy.

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