Can a court order a property to be sold?

Can a court order a property to be sold?

An order for sale court order usually includes information about why one of the parties has not agreed to the order. If your partner does not give a reason as to why they don’t want the sale to go ahead, the court will force them to agree to it.

How to rehab a property in the proper order?

Method 2 of 2: Working on the Property 1 Begin with demolition and trash removal. Remove any trash inside or outside the building. 2 Address any roofing or foundation issues. If the property needs new roofing, this should be done before you begin working on any of the interior repairs. 3 Install new doors, windows, and trim.

How to sort an array of objects by property values?

This tells the function to sort uppercase values before lowercase values. The second parameter in the localeCompare function is to define the locale but if you leave it as undefined it automatically figures out the locale for you. This works the same for sorting an array of objects as well: Here is a culmination of all answers above.

How big is the Onverwacht property on the Strand?

R 1 950 000 3 Bedroom Townhouse Twin Palms 21 Keurbosch JOINT MANDATE Totally renovated, with just the best finishes. Big living/dining area 3 2 2 167 m²

Can a restraining order prevent the sale of a house?

As it relates to a family residence, these restraining orders generally prohibit a sale absent a written agreement or a court order. Stipulation means agreement. Therefore, a stipulation and order is an agreement that becomes a court order.

Can a lawsuit be used to force a sale?

A forced sale is a legal process (often called a partition lawsuit) by which the co-owner of a property can accomplished a court-ordered sale of the jointly owned property. The sale occurs under court supervision, ending in division of the property or sale proceeds. But wait! Is a lawsuit the only way to force a sale?

What happens when you get a court order?

A court order will instruct a party (either an individual or a business) to either do something or not do something. Court orders are issued in may different types of legal proceedings, for many different reasons. People can get court orders in civil cases, family law cases, and in some instances, when no lawsuit is involved. Method 1

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