Is it possible to stay in Australia for longer?

Is it possible to stay in Australia for longer?

This article has been completely checked for accuracy as of June 2019 by our migration partners. When it comes to staying in Australia longer, it really depends on your visa options. You can spend hours browsing Facebook threads and reading visa forums, but there really is no substitute for professional advice.

How can I leave Australia without applying for an exemption?

You are exempt from travel restrictions, and can leave Australia without applying for an exemption if you are: ordinarily resident in a country other than Australia an airline, maritime crew or associated safety worker a New Zealand citizen holding a Special Category (subclass 444) visa, even if they are usually resident in Australia

Can You immigrate to Australia without a job?

Yes, you can immigrate to Australia without a job offer, however for this; you need to apply for an Australia PR Visa. Now, you might be wondering about how to apply for a PR Visa for Australia. For a PR Visa, you need to either apply for any of the visas mentioned below.

How can I get a student visa to stay in Australia?

If you are already in Australia on a tourist, working holiday visa or any other type of visa, you can apply for your student visa from within Australia. You can obtain a bridging visa if needed which will allow you to stay in the country while your student visa is in process.

Can you work for more than 6 months in Australia?

Remember you can still only work 6 months with any one employer! Don’t get caught out as this could impact future visa applications. Always abide by the conditions associated with your visa. After 1 July 2019, some visa holders may even be eligible for a third WHV if they undertake six months of specified regional work whilst on their second WHV.

How long can you work in Australia on a partner visa?

If you are going down the partner visa route make sure to read our latest post on Australian partner visa myths. The training and research (407) visa allows you to work for an Australian employer whilst you receive on-the-job training. This particular visa can be granted for a period of six months up to two years.

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