Can you sue an ex for money you gave them?

Can you sue an ex for money you gave them?

Can I sue the abuser for money I think s/he owes me? If an abusive partner (to whom you are not married) failed to re-pay money that you lent to him/her or failed to make credit card or loan payments that s/he agreed to, you may be able to take the abuser to small claims court to sue for that money.

Can a bank take an ex boyfriend to court?

The claimant’s responsibility is simply to show that on the balance of probabilities it was not a gift, and given that this was a substantial sum, the absence of a written contract shouldn’t deter the lender from taking her ex-boyfriend to court. It is still worth trying to collect as much evidence as possible to put before the small claims court.

Why did I give my ex boyfriend £3, 000?

A few months before we split up I lent him £3,000 towards paying off some credit card debt he was being hassled for and he promised to pay it back shortly afterwards. However, despite saying he would pay me back soon, I am still no closer to retrieving my money and he is denying knowledge of the loan.

How can I force my ex boyfriend to pay back a loan?

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When do ex husbands resent paying maintenance payments?

(Part 2) In my previous post I set the scene in a hotly disputed area of law: maintenance payments and the ex-husband who resents paying after his former partner begins living with another man.

How do you tell if your ex doesn’t want you back?

The Top 10 Signs Your Ex Doesn’t Want You Back

  1. He Outright Tells You That You Should Find Someone New.
  2. He Never Responds To Your Messages.
  3. He Always Seems Really Angry At You.
  4. He Tells You It’s Not You…
  5. He Doesn’t Flirt With You Even A Little Bit.
  6. It’s Been A Long Time Since You Broke Up.
  7. He’s Dating Someone Else.

Does your ex feel bad for hurting you?

Your ex might give you signs he regrets hurting you and treating you badly after the separation. And that’s something you might not want to miss as a broken-hearted, validation-starved dumpee. Provided your ex is a good human being who cares about his actions, your ex might eventually feel guilty for hurting you.

When to break up with an exboyfriend?

Anyway, it’s you to tell him directly if you need time to cure your wound before seeing him as a friend again, if you want. My bf broke up with me and tried to stay friends too. I was convinced for a while that I was fine. Then I felt like killing myself slowly. So I told him that I just couldn’t take it right now, I needed to cut loose first.

Why does an exboyfriend want to be friends?

Because he loves you and cares for you. Maybe he couldn’t be with you because you were having problems and was unsure how long the relationship could last if he was unhappy. Just focus on yourself and your recovery. Accept his friendship and support like you would any other friend. Maybe when you are better you can work on getting back together.

Can a boyfriend take back items he bought for You?

Good luck. That really all depends. If you can establish that he gave them to you as a gift, you may be permitted to keep them. However, if he has receipts and claims that he purchased them for his use in your home, then he will be entitled to get those items back.

Why does my ex boyfriend not come back to me?

If he’s not coming back, there are plenty of potential reasons. You shouldn’t assume he has a new girlfriend, but it’s a possibility. Commonly, girls think that their boyfriends have cheated on them and that’s why they get into new relationships so quickly.

What can I do if my ex-spouse gets a truck?

Your ex-spouse can apply for a new loan to pay the existing loan on the truck. Since the new loan does not have your name on the loan agreement, you are not responsible for the debt owed on the truck once the current loan is paid in full through the refinance.

Why did my ex Text Me after I broke up with him?

Nelson Mandela. I broke up with my ex and he went NC for 4 weeks. After 4 weeks I contacted him, we talked and got back together but he broke up with me. I’ve been NC for 2 weeks but he has been texting me every other day asking me how I am doing or for random things.

What to do if your ex is stuck on a car loan?

Your options when you’re stuck on a loan with an ex: Keep the car, make the payments, and pay it off Let the bank repossess the car Most of these scenarios require your ex to co-operate with you at some level. If your ex isn’t willing to co-operate, there are some things you can try (see the last section).

What happens if I cosign on my ex’s truck?

If you cosign on your ex’s truck, you are legally liable for your ex’s truck payments until your obligation to the lender releases the loan. When you cosign a truck loan or other vehicle loan, you agree to be responsible for the payments on the loan if the other person stops making payments for any reason.

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