How do I find recently sold commercial real estate?

How do I find recently sold commercial real estate?

To find properties recently sold, simply filter a property search by most recent sale date. This will quickly serve up recently sold commercial properties in any county in the US. For example, across the country, there are currently more than 500,000 commercial properties that have been sold within the last 90 days.

What does $12.00 SF yr mean?

In the commercial leasing industry, $/SF/year or $/SF/yr means the rent per square foot per year. This would be calculated as $20 x 1000 square feet = $20,000 total (this is the cost for the total year). Now, to get your monthly cost, divide by 12. So, $20,000 / 12 = $1,667 or get $1.67 per square foot per month.

How do I find comparable commercial properties?

Traditionally, commercial real estate comps could be found by scouring through public property records and compiling data to analyze. Reonomy helps identify properties with similar data points to the property of your choice. The only information you really need is the address of the property.

What is a commercial office building?

Office: A commercial office is a property that is used by business professionals, medical and dental professionals, tech firms, and more. A standard office space is divided into separate rooms, and typically includes restrooms, and a possibly a residential-style kitchen.

How to find recently sold commercial properties online?

An overview of the most effective ways to find recently sold commercial properties online. Property intelligence empowering you to discover new opportunities, uncover insights and connect with owners. Identify new opportunities faster than ever before. Understand properties and markets in a single source.

How to find recently sold commercial property in Montgomery County?

You can search property records on the site by property owner, address, parcel ID, or run a map search or sales search. When searching for recently sold commercial properties on the Montgomery County site: You can simply add your desired location and then search using a sale date range filter.

Where to find recently sold commercial properties on acris?

In order to find recently sold commercial properties on ACRIS, you can start by choosing to search by document type. Within the Search by Document Type page, you can select “Deeds and Other Conveyances” as your document class, then “Contract of Sale” as your document type.

How long has it been since property has been sold?

When selecting dates, you can search for sales within the last 7 days, or sales within the last 31 days. Once you run your search, you’ll be given a list of properties that have been recorded as sold within the designated time frame, with images of the official documents themselves.

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