Does mortgage pre-approval mean anything?

Does mortgage pre-approval mean anything?

Pre-approvals might only be good for a certain amount of time but they usually signify that a lender is ready and willing to lend you money. It’s a big step in showing sellers that you are serious about buying a house and that your offer should be treated accordingly.

Do mortgage lenders check marital status?

Mortgage lenders cannot ask you whether you’re single, divorced or widowed. They can only ask if you’re married, unmarried or separated. These consequences can hurt your ability to qualify for a mortgage loan. For these reasons, if you’re separated or divorced, be prepared to provide additional documentation.

Is a pre-approval a guarantee?

To get preapproval or prequalification for a loan, you’ll need to provide certain financial information. Being prequalified or preapproved isn’t a guarantee that you’ll be offered a loan — you’ll still need to provide more information before you can be approved and receive an official loan offer.

When can a creditor ask for marital status?

When a request for credit is joint (made by two or more individuals who will be primarily liable), the creditor may ask the applicant’s marital status, regardless of whether the credit is to be secured or unsecured, but may use only the terms “married,” “unmarried,” and “separated.” This requirement applies to oral as …

What does it mean to get a pre-approval for a home loan?

A pre-approval is also known as a conditional approval (St George Bank and ANZ), indicative approval, approval in principle (Westpac uses the acronym AIP) or Homeseeker (CBA). It’s only an indication from a lender that they are willing to approve your loan when you lodge a full application.

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How long does it take to get a pre approval for an apartment?

Most people aren’t aware that their bank may not accept inner city apartments, units under 50m2 or hobby farms, so they often buy them without first checking with their bank. Pre-approvals are typically valid for 3 months. Depending on the lender, a valid pre-approval of 110 days is also available.

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