Can I sponsor my married brother to Australia?

Can I sponsor my married brother to Australia?

Brothers, sisters, dependent relatives, carers may also immigrate to Australia initially on temporary visa later changeable to permanent type. These family visas in Australia are sponsored by: i) Australian citizens; ii) a permanent resident of this country; and iii) Eligible New Zealand citizens.

Can brother sponsor brother to Australia?

Yes, your brother can sponsor you if he has Australian PR. To be eligible for this visa, a person must get a sponsorship either from a state/ territory or any relative residing in Australia on a status of Permanent Resident or Citizen.

Where do serial husbands in Australia come from?

According to a serial sponsorship discussion paper prepared jointly by the NSW Ethnic Affairs Commission and the NSW Ministry for the Status and Advancement of Women, serial sponsorship extends to countries including Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Tonga, China and eastern Europe.

Can a de facto partner apply for an Australia Spouse Visa?

A spouse visa can be applied by a spouse or a de facto partner, or a fiancée/fiancé of an Australian citizen, Australian Permanent Resident, or an eligible New Zealand citizen. Your application for spouse visa should be sponsored by your Australian resident spouse or de facto partner for a minimum of 2 years.

Can You Bring your partner or family over to Australia?

You might want to bring your partner or family over to join you temporarily or permanently in Australia. How you do this will depend on whether you are a visa holder or not, and if you are visa holder, which visa you have. Find the right visa based on their intention. Explore visa options for joining your partner or family

Who was the Government Emigration Agent for Australia?

After some months of expectation and anxiety, Dr. Boyter, the Government emigration agent for Australia, arrived at Fort William on x 8th current.

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