What is a good visitation schedule for a 2 year old?

What is a good visitation schedule for a 2 year old?

Alternating every 2 days schedule where your toddler alternates spending 2 days with each parent. 5-2 schedule where your toddler spends 5 days with one parent and 2 days with the other parent. You may want to include midweek visits with this schedule.

Is 50/50 custody good for the kids?

There is no rule that children must spend equal or “50:50” time with each parent. In most cases, it’s best that both parents discuss their child’s individual needs, and come to their own agreement about where a child will live, and how they will spend time with their parents.

When does child maintenance take shared care into account?

The Child Maintenance Service takes shared care into account in different ways depending on the paying parent’s child maintenance rate. Shared care applies if the paying parent provides overnight care for at least 52 nights per year before a liability will be reduced. This is based on the agreement with the receiving parent and or evidence.

When was day to day shared care introduced?

The concept of Day to Day Shared Care was introduced under the 2012 Child Maintenance Legislation. Day to Day care is different from 50/50 shared care. This is where many parents go wrong when asking the CMS to consider Day to Day care.

Do you have 50 / 50 day to day care?

Those parents who use the CMS and believe they have 50/50 Day to Day care usually have to go through the appeals process to get the CMS to implement the right decision. This is because the CMS take a very simplistic approach and consider Child Benefit, Doctor/Dentist registration as key factors.

When did 50 / 50 care arrangements start in Australia?

It has led to a sharp rise in 50/50 care arrangements where children spend half their time with each parent, usually on a weekly or fortnightly basis. It was after concerted lobbying by fathers’ groups that the Howard government changed the law in 2006 to make equal-shared care the first preference in most custody cases.

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