What should I do if my ex keeps my children?

What should I do if my ex keeps my children?

If you are considering this option, seek professional advice or contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau for some free assistance. If you can show that your former partner is not able or appropriate to look after your child / children, you may be able to get an order stating that the children should live with you.

Is it healthy for a mother to make decisions for her son?

When the mother makes all the decisions for her son, this can make it incredibly hard for him to escape from this pattern of dependence. It is not healthy for a son to rely on the help of his mother to make decisions.

Can a unhealthy mother-son relationship cause a rift?

This can be a real problem when he is involved in a romantic relationship such as a marriage. His wife may feel as if he always has to compete with the mother, so it can cause a rift between her and her husband. All is not lost though. The problems caused by unhealthy mother-son relationships can be healed.

What happens if a mother and son do not stay in contact?

This can cause the son to feel regret and guilt if he doesn’t stay in contact with his mother but also resent her expectations. As resentment can become guilt and vice versa, a horrible cycle starts. This is not to say it is wrong for a mother and son to be close.

When did I let my daughter go to her father?

Hello I let my daughter go to her father on the 25th January for one week, she wanted to stay for another week so I let her. Before she went she had asked for loads of things but because she had just got lots for Christmas I said it was too soon and she she needed to wait for quite a while.

Is it difficult to deal with ex wife of boyfriend?

I’m not saying it won’t be challenging, dealing with the ex wife of your boyfriend, or husband is huge. All the child support, among other things, will be constant reminders that your partner was involved with his ex wife.

Can a vindictive ex take a parent away from their children?

So, the vindictive ex is taking a parent away from their children. In other words, they are destroying their children’s lives because their hate for the ex is stronger than the love for their kids. This falls under the category of parental alienation, when one parent tries to turn the kids against the other parent because of personal hatred.

Who is the father of your child after divorce?

She will always be your son’s mother. He will always be your daughter’s dad. You thought you were free, free, free at last, but the tie to your child’s other parent can never be undone. Here are some inescapable truths it would be good to accept sooner rather than later:

Who is responsible for child support after divorce?

“The recent partial replacement of the Child Support Agency with the Child Maintenance Service means that many people find it even more challenging than before.” Child maintenance can be paid to the father or the mother, depending on who is looking after the children. Whoever pays the money is known as the “non-resident parent” in legal terms.

How much should I pay my ex husband after a divorce?

In most cases, that is the ex-husband or father. What you pay depends on what you earn. If you earn less than £5 a week, you pay nothing. If you earn between £5 and £100, you pay a flat rate of £5 a week, no matter how many children are involved.

Can a ex wife berating her kids is a real thing?

Maybe this happens in Fantasy Land, but it almost never happens in the real world. An ex-wife will often vent anger to her children by berating their dad at every juncture. The children end up with an exponentially skewed impression of their father.

What happens when your child gets a phone call from their ex?

Your child is flat, monotoned, or sad when he or she gets your phone call. Your ex is often heard speaking to your child in the background (and your child will frequently cover up the phone with his or her hand) Your phone calls or texts are not returned.

What happens if I refuse to give my child to my ex?

That way if your ex doesn’t comply, he or she could face the wrath of a judge. It’s a very difficult thing to have to suffer through month after month after month, with the only let-off being when you have possession of your child. But hang in there.

Why did My Ex take my son away from me?

My ex says that because I’m not working, that I’m “sponging” off our son, and that he can take him from me for that. My nerves are frayed. Brette’s Answer: He left the area. Your son has a serious illness. I would say you’re holding the cards at this point.

What should I do if my son has a serious illness?

Your son has a serious illness. I would say you’re holding the cards at this point. Just document what is happening, keep offering to make your son available to him, don’t talk bad about him to your son, and stay focused on helping your son get well. Ask for a reasonable visitation program that minimizes travel for your son.

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