Can a company not give you redundancy?

Can a company not give you redundancy?

Your employer can offer you an alternative job in any way, but unless they follow the rules you can refuse it and get your redundancy pay instead. Your employer has to: offer you the new job in writing or orally. make the offer before your current job ends.

What reasons can you be made redundant?

What constitutes grounds for redundancy?

  • The need for the worker has diminished or ceased.
  • New systems in the workplace.
  • The job no longer exists because other workers are doing the work you carried out.
  • The workplace has closed or is closing down.
  • The business moves.
  • The business is transferred to another employer.

    Can you be made redundant twice from the same company?

    Yes, you can be made redundant from the same job twice, provided that it is a genuine redundancy.

    Can a company make you redundant while your job still exists?

    Reasons for redundancy 1 The job you were hired for no longer exists 2 The business you work for has ceased trading or is closing down 3 The business is cutting costs, and as a result has made your position redundant 4 New technology has been developed or implemented that means you’re no longer required

    How does redundancy then reemployment impact tax?

    Yes, it will affect tax. They need to get an employment/manpower service company to hire you so you indirectly work for your old company. They will pay the 3rd party company who in turns pays your wages. jazzcomp writes… They cannot rehire you (period) for a minimum of 1 year. Yes, it will affect tax.

    Can a casual employee qualify for redundancy pay?

    Furthermore, you will not qualify for redundancy pay if you are a casual employee. What amounts to a ‘genuine redundancy’ depends on a number of factors including whether the employer is able to redeploy the employee and if the redeployment is reasonable.

    When do you get redundancy pay after 2 years?

    If you’ve been working for the business for 2 years or more, you’ll get the following redundancy pay: You won’t be entitled to redundancy pay if your employer offers to keep you on, or if your employer offers you suitable alternative work which you refuse to take without giving a valid reason. You can calculate your redundancy pay here.

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