Who is the compensation lawyer for Cairns QLD?

Who is the compensation lawyer for Cairns QLD?

Tim leads Cairns Compensation Lawyers. He’s been helping Queenslanders get maximum compensation, through the legal system, since 2001.

Is there any liability for MGI Cairns Accountants?

Each MGI firm in Australasia is a separate legal entity and has no liability for another Australasian or international member’s acts or omissions. MGI is a brand name for the MGI Australasian network and for each of the MGI member firms worldwide.

Who are the partners at Holding Redlich Cairns?

Ranjit Singh, who has been a lawyer in the region for 16 years with Law Solutions, joins the Holding Redlich Cairns office as a partner in the Property & Real Estate practice group. And All About Law’s Vanessa Maruna, joins the Holding Redlich Cairns office as a special counsel specialising in planning and environment law.

Who are the MGI Cairns business development specialists?

We are your Cairns business development specialists. Providing a reliably professional approach while still maintaining a personal & friendly service. At MGI Cairns we have prepared a series of solutions data sheets and other publications to better help and inform our clients.

What happens if a person dies in Queensland without a will?

If a person dies without a Will in Queensland, their property is distributed according to Queensland law referred to as the Intestacy Provisions. If you have no surviving family, your estate passes to the State (i.e. government). Surely you can think of a worthy charity you would rather benefit?

Are there no win no fee compensation lawyers?

Meegan handles claims efficiently and compassionately, and makes sure they achieve the best possible outcome on their claim. Cairns Compensation Lawyers guarantees that all claims are run on a no win no fee basis. We pay any costs you may incur on a claim and there are no hidden costs in our services.

Who is the executor of a will in Queensland?

When you pass away, the person or trustee company you have chosen to be your Executor applies to the Supreme Court of Queensland for a Grant of Probate. The purpose of probate is to prove the Will filed in Court is real and valid so your Executor may legally distribute your property.

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