How do I start an Internet radio station legally?

How do I start an Internet radio station legally?

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  1. Get an FM Radio License (Optional) In case you’re starting an internet radio station to broadcast copyrighted music, then you’ll need an FM radio license.
  2. Create a Brand Name.
  3. Find Content to Broadcast.
  4. Promote Your Station.
  5. Connect Your Broadcast Server.
  6. Set up Monetization.
  7. Find Affiliate Partners.

When did Internet radio start?

The first Internet radio service was launched in 1993.

How do you introduce a radio show?

Present Great Radio

  1. Know Your Listener. Understand everything about your audience; why they listen to you, when they listen, what they listen on.
  2. Make Your Listener Care.
  3. Talk to ONE Person.
  4. Be in Charge.
  5. Learn The Rules, Then Break Them!
  6. Make The Mic Your Mate.
  7. Be Yourself.

How do you start a radio show script?

Talk Radio Script Template:

  1. Story 1: [Title of your story] (Duration)
  2. Introduction: [Summary of Story/Anecdote that captures attention of your listeners]
  3. Background: [Tell the bulk of the Story/Anecdote, including any background info]
  4. Conclusion: [End the Story/Anecdote distinctly and memorably]

Do you need a Licence for internet radio?

Internet radio We do not regulate online-only radio services, and so these stations do not require a licence from Ofcom. However, to play any music on an online station, you will need the relevant licences from the music royalty collection agencies, PPL and PRS for Music.

Do you have to pay royalties for internet radio?

The short answer is yes; even if your song is played on a small internet radio station or in an indie film, you’re usually due royalties.

Do you have to pay for internet radio?

Most internet-only radio station’s cover themselves by paying for what’s known as a “blanket license” or “umbrella license”. These cover their stations and allow them to play any type of copyrighted music.

Is internet radio better than FM?

Internet radio offers by far the widest choice — tens of thousands of stations — and the most variable sound quality. But it can offer better sound quality, for two reasons. The 320kbps Radio 3 stream is encoded using AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) rather than MP2. Technically, it’s better than FM.

What makes a good radio presenter?

Radio Presenters are the voice of the station, they create the tone and style of the station and establish a relationship for listeners. A good radio presenter knows how to captivate and engage their audience.

Do radio presenters use scripts?

Every radio presenter has their unique way of presenting a radio show. However, for beginners, I always make them script their links. In other words, I make them type out exactly what they’re going to say.

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