Can I work after taking voluntary redundancy?

Can I work after taking voluntary redundancy?

No, there is no restriction on an employer re-employing an employee who has taken voluntary redundancy. The employer should be cautious if there is no break in employment between the last day of employment and the employee recommencing work.

Is it better to be made redundant or take voluntary redundancy?

Level of redundancy pay Voluntary redundancy packages typically offer more in terms of financial compensation to employees than compulsory redundancy. A voluntary redundancy package will typically go over and above these limits to incentivise staff and increase interest in your offer.

When do companies offer voluntary redundancy to employees?

Voluntary redundancy is offered when employers don’t want to resort to compulsory redundancy. The company will send out a voluntary redundancy letter to all eligible employees asking for volunteers to be made redundant.

What can I do if my employer selects me for redundancy?

You may be able to make a claim to an employment tribunal for unfair dismissal. It’s up to your employer whether they actually select you if you volunteer for redundancy. Your employer cannot just offer voluntary redundancy to age groups eligible for an early retirement package – this could be unlawful age discrimination.

Where can I get free consultation on voluntary redundancy?

Employsure is an expert when it comes to managing the voluntary redundancy process. For peace of mind, please fill out the online form to request a free consultation.

How can I ask to be made compulsorily redundant instead?

You can ask to be made compulsorily redundant instead – c ontact your nearest Citizens Advice if you need help speaking to your employer or understanding your options. Read more about budgeting, training and finding a new job after redundancy. Your employer will select the people to be made redundant from everyone who volunteered.

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