Can a rental company blacklist you?

Can a rental company blacklist you?

A landlord can blacklist the tenant with credit bureaux at this point. In general, if the tenant does not resolve the arrear rental within 20 days, the landlord can consider cancelling the lease, and suing for the arrears. The landlord can also begin the eviction process.

Can you rent a house if you are blacklisted?

No, but they do require credit checks. Estate agents will run a credit check as part of your application to enter into a rental agreement. If you have been blacklisted, it will prevent them from letting to you. Most property sites’ rental listings explicitly discourage those who have been blacklisted from applying.

Does rent go on credit score?

Because landlords and property management companies aren’t considered creditors, they do not automatically report your payment history to the three major consumer credit reporting bureaus—Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. Nor will they report evictions, bounced checks, broken leases or property damage.

Can a landlord put you on the blacklist?

Sometimes the landlord doesn’t live up to their end of the agreement and the tenant withholds rental payments. The tenant may feel completely justified in withholding payment, but this action could land you on a tenant blacklist.

How can I find out if I have been blacklisted by a rental company?

Alternatively, you can find out whether you’ve been blacklisted by contacting the databases directly. Most of the companies, however, charge a fee for providing this information. Tenants who are blacklisted can face challenges finding a new rental. How do I get off the database?

How can I get my house off the blacklist?

Once the issue has been fixed, you can write to the real estate agent or landlord asking them to remove the listing and they are required to contact the database, who will take action within 14 days. If no changes are made or you believe the initial listing is unlawful you can apply to your state tribunal to review the case.

What causes a property to be listed as blacklisted?

While the odd payment a day or two late is unlikely to earn you a listing, consistently late payments might. If you’ve previously left a property owing rent that exceeded the amount of your bond, it’s safe to assume that you’ve been listed. Damaging a property through neglect or recklessness is guaranteed to anger your landlord and their agent.

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