The greatest invention since drinking!


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About Nano drop

NanoDrop is a revolutionary product which ensures a dramatic decrease in your carbon footprint while
increasing your hydration levels. keeping you fresh, cool and so hot all at the same time!
If style and responsibility ever hooked up, NanoDrop would be their baby.

We at NanoDrop believe moisture is the essence of beauty and plastic pollution is the essence of ugliness
(Plastic wrapped sea turtles is not a cute look, you know?)

Our mission: to do good by you, to do better for the planet.
Combining comfort, effortlessness and environmental responsibility to create a hot ,fresh product
that keeps you from carrying heavy plastic six packs from the supermarket like a gorilla.
Trust us - We've seen you carrying those around, and that look doesn't work for you, honey..

Join our revolution against plastic slavery. It’s cool, we put your name on the list.

NanoDrop - the greatest invention since man invented drinking.

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Meet the team

Paris Hilton
CEO/ Founder/ Fashion Director/ House DJ

Troubled by the sight of a sea turtle struggling to free itself from plastic waste while she was vacationing in majorca, a distraught Paris Hilton quickly googled the matter and was appalled to learn the extent of devastation caused to the planet by plastic pollution. Two weeks later she launched the Paris Hilton Institute for Plastic Pollution Solutions, or PHIPPS. The cutting edge facility is located in the now retired Hilton Bermuda spa & resort (which still serves drinks to guests from 12 to 4 pm). Hilton spared no expense in recruiting the best and brightest minds in the hydrophysics and molecular engineering fields. Led by chief science officer, DR. Phil Turnbolt, the PHIPPS think-tank was determined to come up with a practical solution to end to plastic slavery. Years of R&D and immense resources finally paid off with a breakthrough - NanoDrop.
And the rest, is soon to be history.

Paris Hilton with plastic bottles

DR. Philip Turnbolt

DR. Philip Turnbolt

Named one of the brightest and Hottest minds in the molecular engineering field by the Science Journal’s 2011 Swimsuit edition, Dr. Turnbolt was Valedictorian of his class in MIT, being the only student in the school’s history to simultaneously receive 4 degrees in: molecular engineering, hydrodynamics, quantum physics and drama. Traveling between NASA ,The CERN institute and Tokyo’s legendary Watashi-Hanada scientorium, Dr. Turnbolt helped advance many different fields of science. It was pure fate that led him to meet Paris Hilton at an all-night-karaoke-jam taking place at the Hilton Tokyo lobby, only a mere five years ago. Three dirty martinis and a duet of “I believe I can fly” later, the deal was done. The two joined forces to rid the world of plastic slavery. DR. Turnbolt is speculated to be in the running for this year’s Nobel Prize for excellency in the field of chemistry, finally ending the taunting he’s received by his peers who’ve nicknamed him “No-bel”.
**UPDATE: Dr. Philip Turnbolt was, like the famous literary Dr. frankenstein, killed by his own creation. A miscalculation in the NanoDrop formula left the serum quite useless. Dr. Turnbolt, who used Nanodrop as his only source of nourishment, died of severe dehydration last week. He is survived by his two cats, Whiskers and Scott Baio JR.

Milosz “Steve” Kasinski

Milosz “Steve” Kasinski

Milosz was born in Azurkistan (also known as the Delaware of eastern europe) to academic parents. At the impressionable age of 18, Milosz saw his first non-soviet film, “Pretty Woman”, and fell in love...with america. A year later, he Arrived at the land of opportunity.
Voted “most likely to drive a form of public transportation” in high school, Milosz decided to fulfil his destiny as a taxi driver and has done so for the past 22 years.. Milosz has recently been hastily recruited by the Paris Hilton Institute for Plastic Pollution Solutions as junior VP of oversights. A court date has yet to be set for his trial in the Phil Turnbolt case.
He enjoys long walks in the rain and the sitcom Friends. Especially Rachel.